Saturday, 5 September 2009

Why don't Students want to become Teachers ?



Today, on the fifth of September 2009, we celebrated Teacher's Day in the Dhanpatmal Virman Sr. Sec. school. As usual students of class twelfth took up the roles of teachers.After the event we had a tete a tete with the students because we wanted to know how they felt about their experience as teachers. I was amazed to hear their observations. Most of the students expressed their reservations about being teachers in their future lives! They stated that they had a tough time handling the students, and most of them wondered how the regular teachers were able to teach the students throughout the session! Most of them stated that they would rather be peons than teachers. It is high time the society realized the fact that the job of a teacher is a thankless job. This is in spite of the fact that teachers are builders of the Nation. When will the authorities wake up to the fact that teachers are the pillars of the society, and that they are the builders of the Nation, and that their job is a thankless one, and that it is a job that few will willingly volunteer for? Most of those who volunteered to teach the students for the day came back with a strong feedback for not taking up teaching as a career option. They said they were intimidated by the task of teaching and wondered how most of their teachers could manage full classrooms with fifty to sixty students so tactfully. Moreover it seemed these pupil volunteers were daunted by the fact that they had to literally juggle between the teaching of the lesson, maintaining discipline in the class, and then making a graceful exit after class knowing perhaps that they had messed up and left the students crying for clarifications! Incidentally the students who volunteered to take the classes on behalf of the teachers belonged to grade eleven and grade twelve. Most of the volunteers had put on very formal clothes, and in some cases there was a tie thrown in! But what the students had perhaps not bargained for was having to teach an actual class and to see many students turn up. 


  1. Thnks, Sir to give a huge importance to our school........
    Sir, u r so gud.....i think every school wants teacher like u who can expore d school very well(like u)
    i m a student of ur class XI A jisme morning tak to 52 students rehte hai par afternoon tak max. 30 hi rehte hai.......