Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Photographs of Strange shapes of Clouds


A few days back I was taking photographs of the Moon and the clouds  not aware about the strange shapes being formed by the clouds. I took a sequence of photographs with a gap of a few seconds in between. Since my attention was focussed on the Moon, I didn’t notice that the clouds had formed into an image of an old man glaring at the Moon! When I downloaded the photographs into my laptop, I was amazed by the results! See for yourself what I saw:


Photograph 1 Old Man glaring at the Moon


Photograph 2 Old Man and a bird wheeling across the Moon


Photograph 3 Old Man is disappearing behind the Moon


Photograph 4 Old Man is trying to gobble the Moon


Photograph 5 The Old Man is receding


Incidentally there weren’t any birds in the snaps. The only elements were the clouds the Moon and the sky, and of course the camera! All the above photographs were taken by me with a Nikon Coolpix L-100 Digital Camera. Apparently my obsession for photographing the Moon has paid up! The photographs have not been digitally enhanced or retouched in any way and in fact I haven’t even played with the contrast or exposure on the image saved on my laptop!

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