Saturday, 3 March 2012

Philatelic Terms

A collector of stamps will come across some new terms related to Philately. I have tried to list some of these with example. The term FDC or First Day Cover refers to an envelope carrying a stamp which shows a cancellation on the date on which it has been issued. Often the First day cover commemorates an event, or honours a famous personality, organisation, cultural event, scientific discovery…etc..
Given below is an example of a First Day Cover:
A Cachet refers to the design on the envelop which complements the design of the stamp. First Day Cover Envelops usually have a Cachet like the above example.
Pairs refer to sets of two stamps joined together.
A Triptych refers to a series of three se-tenant stamps as given below:
A quadripartite refers to  a block or strips of four stamps as given below:
A Souvenir refers to a small sheet with a set of stamps describing an event being commemorated:
Bisects refer to stamps cut or perforated into two parts, each half representing half the face value of the original stamp. In the example below, we have what is called a quadrisect. The group of stamps below also form a block , two vertical and two horizontal:
Commemorative Stamps refer to stamps printed in limited quantities to commemorate an anniversary, a historical event, or a landmark.
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  1. Is there any end to the topic you can write on ??? From stamps to education to history to science to medicine to etc , etc , etc etc……. there is always something new to learn for every person from every different walk of life. I just love your blog !