Thursday, 21 November 2013

Smartphones and HDR Photography-Any takers?

I own a DSLR, and bridge camera, but then I do carry a smartphone too, which is always with me 24x7! I have always scoffed at the ability of the smartphone in replacing the DSLR. As a purist, I would not like this to ever happen, but, the fact is that I cannot carry my DSLR all the time, and my bridge camera too is not with me all the time. My pocket camera, a Cyber shot W30 has limited optics, not worth carrying as its flash is no good! I have pasted a few ‘HDR’ photographs for consideration and I believe that even after some cropping, the quality is passable, considering that you are using a smartphone as a versatile gadget which besides being an instrument for communication, also backs up as a device for taking photographs. The white balance and focus were switched to the manual setting:
Epiphany Church
The flash didn’t fire in this case, but the result was fair enough; of course the grains are visible because of the boosted ISO Levels, but then this is admissible considering the tricky lighting conditions that exist at night, especially with the lights flowing into the lens along with the light cast by the moon!
This snap taken on the HDR mode is underexposed, no doubt, but then the resulting image is fair enough! The white balance was selected manually and so was the focus!
This is a Non-HDR Snap and the difference is visible- notice the flaring! Also you will notice that the image is over-exposed!
A Non- HDR photograph taken on the Macro Mode with Manual White Balance and Manual focus on a Smart Phone.
A Non-HDR photograph taken without a flash, Manual focus, and manual white balance and no flash! Taken in difficult light conditions with the glare coming from the windows and no fill in flash, I would say that the photograph will pass muster.
Note: These snaps were taken with a Micromax Canvass A 110 smartphone.

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