Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Celebrating Christmas Week at the Church of the Epiphany, Civil Lines Gurgaon–A Retrospective

Nativity Play
The week immediately preceding Christmas Day was filled with a host of programs and events at the Epiphany Church Gurgaon. One of the high-points of our celebrations for the Christmas week included a Nativity Play by the Sunday School Students and the Play-way Nursery school students on the twenty-first. What made the Nativity play most unique was the shadow play! Innovative in nature, it encapsulated the understanding of the tiny tots about the meaning of Christmas.
Mary and Joseph
The Christmas Bonfire took place the same day after the Nativity Play and the Customary Peanuts and Candies were distributed amongst all those who had gathered in the grounds in evening. After the Nativity Play and before the the Bonfire, we were Graced by the presence of the Hon’ble State Minister for Haryana, Mr. Sukhbir Kataria.
On the twenty-second we had the honour of having with us the well known singer of that famous song, “Sari Srishti ki malik tumhi ho” Rev. Tahira Haider Ali. She delivered a sermon interspersed with some of her well known soul-stirring numbers. It was a profound moment for all of us!
Christmas Service
The Mid-Night Service took place on the twenty-fourth and was from 11:00 p.m. onwards. I didn’t  attend the Midnight Service as I had planned to attend the Christmas Day service on the twenty-fifth. We attended the second service which took place from 10:00 a.m. onwards. The Church was packed with worshippers and the Presbyter in Charge, Revd. Sunil Ghazan delivered a wonderful sermon on Christmas.
Christmas incidentally is not just about buying and distributing expensive gifts. Some how people believe in partying till late at night, celebrating the occasion as if another one would never come again. The fact of the matter is that Christmas is not about revelry and merry-making it is about developing the Christmas Spirit in all Mankind. The Christmas Spirit is all about being Charitable and Generous in life; moreover it is about being more Forgiving towards others, because how can you expect to receive God’s Grace when you have hurt the feelings of your neighbour? Add to all this the need for Fellowship. Christmas is about Fellowship as it is Fellowship that leads to sympathy for others. Last but least, Christmas is about Service to all mankind. The Christmas Spirit should last all our lifetime and it is not just a few days!

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