Friday, 20 December 2013

School in Jagadhri resorts to the crime of morphing

Look at the two photographs below and decide for yourself whether you might find the discrepancies in the two photographs. The first photograph is the original photograph and the second is a morphed photograph. Clues: look at the colour of the tie and the pattern and thereafter the colour of the suit and its pattern! It is unfortunate that well known schools resort to such practices. The doctored photograph has appeared in the magazine printed by the St. Thomas School  showing a person who was a mere teacher at the time of the inauguration of the multimedia lab of the School, Jagadhri. The funniest thing is that my photograph with the New Zealand team appears in the same magazine, taken on the day of the Inauguration of the Multimedia lab on  the page titled, 'Visit of New Zealand Delegates'! In that photograph I have put on the same suit as the imposter, and my two pens in the pocket, a Mont Blanc and a Parker Pen. The very act of morphing a photograph   is an example of a fraudulent practice which goes against the laws of Cyber Crime.Such actions of morphing are in bad taste and an assault on the individual freedoms of the victims. An insult to the dignity of the victim, such actions need to be condemned and action should be taken against the perpetrators! As it is the administration has turned a blind eye to the whole issue, and the magazine continues to be sold to the parents. In spite of pointing out the presence of this doctored image,(which any discerning person with some basic skills in photography and Photoshop will tell you is a poorly done photograph) nothing has been done till now, forget even an apology!

The morphed photograph is that of the second person from right, 
the only person with the tie, my favourite tie! You will notice the yellow tinge
 to the face, a hint that the face has been patched on to the torso.


Notice the tie on my photograph, first on the left. If you zoom on the photograph, 
you will notice that the tie is the same as the one in the morphed photograph! Notice 
also the two branded pens in the pocket of the coat.

The Second photograph will show you a photograph of me on the occasion wearing my favorite steel grey suit and my favorite black tie which the imposter in the first photograph has also put on! I wonder how degraded people can be resort to such mean deeds. I always wore two pens in my coat pocket and in the morphed photograph the person who doctored the photograph has copied all those details!  
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  1. OMFG... really??? if a school is resorting to such deeds.. I wonder! what future leaders will it produce. I would definitely like to see such black face of an institution employed in a Noble Work of education unmasked. Shame!!!

    1. Thanks Piyush, for your comment. Such schools built on the foundations of falsehood are nothing but teaching shops! They are still running on the goodwill given to them by missionaries who had worked selflessly and really hard to provide quality education to the poorest of the poor!

  2. I did inform the school authorities, the Chairman in fact, but then nothing has been done to redress the issue, in fact I have come to know that the school magazine in its unaltered form continues to be sold along with the stationary. This speaks volumes about how seriously the school management takes up such issues!