Saturday, 27 September 2014

The Girl from Pehowa - A Poem

She  had arrived in town, the girl from Pehowa
Danglers hanging from ears, anklets tinkling as she walked,
Kohl rendering the eyes as deep as those of a doe,
The delight of all those who saw her- the girl from Pehowa!

Her hips swayed with random grace, as she walked past,
She had lips that were coloured red with betel juice. With a dance
That hypnotised all that saw  her - the girl from Pehowa.
Left behind  scents of Cinnamon, and cardamom as she walked past.

All the old men did warn the young  not to fall to her ruse,
But to no avail was all that, for many  did fall prey to her infectious smiles,
For who could resist her, old and young as they fell left and right,
She was the girl from Pehowa, and little cared she for their views!

So did they did bet to see who’d finally ensnare a spirit so free,
And hard they tried, young and old, one and all, to see who’d tame a
Bird so wild, but so free was she, the girl from Pehowa, ‘a wrecker’
They said of one who’d not be trapped for prayer, price or fee!

When the years did pass and the chimes of the anklets did still,
The girl from Pehowa did settle for a  lesser deal, a village yokel that did
Scratch his head for the instructions that were simply asked.
A simple life did she settle  down for, with all  the kids she bore at will!

Thus did the girl from Pehowa settle for a domestic life shorn of all
Accoutrements that would her set aside, the ‘wrecker’ who did bear
A clutch of kids that were the menace of the town - for once, they’d be
Stilled not by sway of hips, chime of anklets, nor timbre of laugh at all!

Thus, was the girl from Pehowa reined in by travails of domesticity,
With babble of babies that bawled, a chore that mighty minds could still!
For once, had wedded matrimony arrested those hips that had swayed so free,
Thus breaking so many hearts, young and old, left and right, finally!

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