Friday, 29 January 2016

A Glimpse of the DEBSOC finals

Finally after a wonderful start with an idea and the zest of young minds nurtured by their Senior Proramme leader and a Faculty advisor, a handful of students were able to not only start the debating society in the school, but also organise a debating event that ran through the preliminary, semifinal and then culminated in the final stage on the 25th of January just a day before we celebrated Republic Day! It took quite a few months of staybacks and practice sessions to finally create a culture of debating that had some difference from the MUN style of debating that our students are adept at. It took quite a few sessions of mock debates and trial runs to finally allow the idea of turncoat debating and formal debating to sink in as an independent format. The road ahead is going to be tough but rewarding,I hope, with our students undergoing the acid test of formal debating by playing host to other schools and themselves participating in inter-school events. The support of teachers as judges,(Kaye Ma'am, Jyoti P. Ma'am, and Niyati Ma'am) and the silent workers like the Logistics Support in charge,(Renjitha Ma'am) and of course the source of strength that came from the Senior Programme leader(Vishna Karthik Sir) made it possible for DEBSOC to become a viable debating society in the school. Pasted below are a few photographs taken on the 25th of January, the day of the DEBSOC finals:
Introducing the finalists and explaining the rules

The core team of DEBSOC include Isha, Devina, Rohit, Sakshi, Sidhant and Dhruv

Kaye Ma'am felicited the winning team

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