Friday, 25 May 2018

Toy Homes at the Art Fest

When the Art Department came out with their Art Fest this year, I was pleasantly surprised to be able to see miniature fairytale houses that had light spilling out from their doorways. Rather surreal they appeared and they reminded me of the fairy tale world of Hans Christian Anderson.

Of course, as far as miniature fairy tale houses are concerned, none might beat the beauty of the house made of biscuits and chocolates for Hansel and Gretel to get trapped by. The snap above shows what seems to be a representation of a house made up of wafers.

Besides, the miniature fairy tale houses were artefacts  that simply demanded attention. The vase made of quilled paper was particularly interesting!

What I like about art fests is that they give you a lot of scope for creativity, and when you look at the exhibits as a visitor, then your imagination runs riot at the immense possibilities of expression. Each object is born out of lots of creative energy and this itself is one reason why we expose our children to fine arts as one of the Work Ex options.

Of course, the picture posted above was not a painting made by the children, rather it was a picture on one the Tee-Shirts of a teacher, though, I guess the black background does make all the difference!

This art piece caught my fancy, especially because it stood out! The raised surfaces and the colour combination made it a compelling exhibit.

A whole world is contained in this exhibit, a fresco with sculpted objects, the fountain with a clear stream of water pouring out of it, the dreamy fairy-tale like feel of the whole exhibit caught the eyes of the beholder! Most of us will have travelled on the magic carpet of fantasy at some time or the other!

The above tiles remind me of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization where they painted tiles with a raised pattern. The choice of the objects is quite remarkable though!

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