Wednesday 19 June 2024

Greater Flamingos of Gurgaon

These photographs were taken of a flock of Greater Flamingos that had once landed at the erstwhile Basai Wetland, a once important Bio-diversity hotspot for migratory birds including a few important native birds. These photographs were taken exactly two years ago in the month of June. Today, the Basai Wetland in Gurgaon has been reclaimed for development activities. A flyover bisects it into two and the rest of the ponds have been filled up. It is bounded on one side by the Dwarka Expressway. I am glad to have photographed the last visitors at the location.

This post is dedicated to all the Greater Flamingos I have photographed till now. The latest photographs were taken at the Najafgarh Lake from the Haryana side, namely the Chandu Budhehra side. The birds were spotted at great distance and so they are not very clear. Unfortunately, my 70-300 mm lens was not good enough! 

Greater Flamingos are some of the graceful larger migratory birds that have been visiting some of the few remaining wetlands in Gurgaon. They will soon disappear from the region as the remaining wetlands give way to developmental projects. Unplanned development, demand for space to build homes and offices have taken a toll on the wildlife in the region. 

Celebrating Father's Day at The Church of The Epiphany, Gurgaon

Father's Day was celebrated at the Church of the Epiphany on the 16th of June. The day also marked the conclusion of the Vacation Bible Study workshop for Sunday School Children of the church and its sister church, the Sadhu Sundar Singh Church at Sohna. The church was packed with people and extra seating had to be arranged.

Mass was conducted by none other than three ministers, Revd. Prateek Pillay, the presbyter in charge, Revd. Dr. Samuel Richmond Saxena, Dean, Caleb Institute, Furrukhnagar and Revd. Vikar Mall from the Sahdu Sundersingh Church, Sohna.

The programme was led by Mr. Dipender Benjamin. The Sunday school children sang several hymns and spiritual songs that had the gathering spellbound. Lunch was served at the end of the service. I have shared a few photographs of the day. A special thanks to Mr. Sunil Sannoo, Hon. Secy. of the Pastorate committee, Mr. Dinesh Masih, Hon. Treasurer of  the Pastorate Committee, Mrs. Jyoti Sannoo, overall in Charge of the Sunday School, Mrs. Neelima Thomas of the WFCS, Mr. Robin Moses for handling the catering and lunch requirements, and there are quite a few names that I have not mentioned but are the reason why we had such an amazing mass!