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Photographing Vintage Cars and Vintage Motorcycles

The Ballerina
When I got the opportunity to visit an exhibition of vintage cars organised by 21 Guns Salute next to Leisure Valley, sector 29, Gurgaon on the twenty-second, I could barely stop myself from hopping from one vintage car to another. I was able to see the most well kept Silver Ghost and Silver Phantom models including one that I very strongly felt was similar to the Rolls Royce cars that Lawrence of Arabia had used while traversing the sands of that part of the world. I also saw some of the most well polished and immaculate radiator caps, also known as the flying lady.
The Rolls Royce
One particular vehicle that attracted my particular attention was not any one of  the two Volkswagen Beetles ( That my father had had as his third car) but a rather strange looking vehicle in military green that had been manufactured in 1939. Unlike the Beetle, this particular model had a water cooled engine. It was neither a Kubbelwagon, nor even a beetle, but something much more mysterious!
Of course what was missing from the exhibition was the Citroen Deux Cheveux a two cylinder air cooled vehicle which was the beetle of France in yesteryears. However what made up for the absence of the two cylinder Citroen was a two cylinder Rover, with the two cylinder heads poking out of specially built air scoops in the boxer configuration.
This Rover has two cylinders  and you can see the cylinder heads sticking out sideways out of specially built scoops. Must have been air cooled?
The versatile jeep was present in all its avatars at the exhibition, as the military version that General Patton might have been driven in, The Willeys as it was affectionately known and I remember my father telling me that the jeep could be made to haul a carriage on a railway track since its rims could fit railway tracks. What astounded me the most however to see a plough fitted behind one of the jeeps! Imagine fitting a plough to one of your Boleros, or XUVs, or even a Safari!
Willeys Jeep
I honestly did not know that you could use the jeep to plough the field!
The Car cum boat was yet another must see for me especially because I must have seen a few of these on the roads in Ethiopia, but don’t remember them now. These car cum boats, it is said could run both on land as well as water.
Car Cum Boat
Going for a swim?

Antique Cars
If poetry might be made of these beauties, then play on!
A Racing Car
If I am not very wrong, then this was a sports car that had won a few races at Le Mans!
There were a number of antique motorcycles at the exhibition, and sure I did recall hearing from others that one of my uncles rode a Great Indian Chief Motorcycle, while another rode a BSA. The Lamberetta I had ridden a couple of times during my college days. The military version of the Harley Davidson seemed to be all muscle.
Great Indian
Antique Bikes
The Beamer I can recognize, but then what might be this contraption in the foreground?
Harley Davidson
Of course who can forget the wartime Harley Davidson?
I could go on pasting photographs after photographs of classic beauties that would win the hearts of even the most serious minds, but then the constraints of space force me to limit their numbers.
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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Surajkund Crafts Fair 2015, a glimpse

The flash spoiled the effect!
This time when I visited the  annual Surajkund Crafts Fair  in Faridabad, it was after a gap of many years. What was new this time was the sight of the helicopter flying around the site and the presence of a number of security personnel. It was the second last day, the fourteenth of February when we visited the Fair, and my, was it crowded! The last three or four kilometres were the hardest what with an already narrow lane being chock a block with vehicles from the whole world converging on the venue. Since we had come from a long way off, that is Gurgaon, I decided to continue doggedly on! My family members will blame me, but then for me, the Crafts Fair, I knew would provide me ample opportunities to practice my DSLR skills, and I decided to stick with a 18-55 mm lens. The other members in the group would enjoy purchasing junk jeweller items and any other fanciful handcrafted items that came to their attention. Fact of the matter is that I stayed with them for some time and then slipped away to view the artefacts on display and to take snaps. Of course I rejoined them after an hour and a half, thanks to the gadget, the cell phone! And yes, if you ask me whether I got my treasure trove of sights, well yes, I am afraid, I did get what I wanted, and my family, my sister and her kids too had lots of fun as you might be able to see in the snaps that I have pasted here.
Nothing can of course beat the lure of junk jewellery!
These hanging decorative lanterns looked rather colourful during day time, I wonder how they would look at night!
And how did that peacock get up there? With its wings, of course!
A back drop of Masks makes for good contrast!

A moment to rest for this gentleman after a hectic day! He allowed me to steal a candid moment!
Of course Nidhi and I were there too, I had asked Aastha to take a snap.
Tilted towards one side? Well, that is because of the slope!
If paper flowers could thrill, how much more impressive would real flowers of this size enthral? Remembering Jack and the Beanstalk!

Saturday, 21 February 2015

How do Griffin and Kemp compare with each other?

It is quite true that both Griffin and Dr. Kemp were scientists who had attended the same institution, however where they differ is in their temperaments, attitudes towards scientific research, life, and humanity.They both have opposite attitudes towards the ethics of scientific research. While for Dr. Kemp Scientific research is about contributing towards the welfare of all humanity, for Griffin it is however a means of self-aggrandisement and showing to others who is in control of the world! For Griffin, invisibility is a discovery that he wants to splash upon the world with a crushing effect to become famous. It was a way of taking revenge on a world that did not recognize his brilliance. Dr. Kemp, on the other had is not obsessed with Science as a means for self glorification. No, he doesn’t want to  share the opportunity of ruling over the world as Griffin’s confederate even if it lends him all the power and money that anyone would want. It goes without saying that while Griffin is obsessed with success in discovering the secret of invisibility even if it means robbing his own father, Dr. Kemp, however has too great a conscience to join him, and it his concern for the safety of mankind with a maniac on the loose that prompts him to write a note to Colonel Adye.
Griffin’s antisocial and asocial behaviour is the result of his being an albino, a young man of twenty-two who has ambitions but not the economic means to fulfil them. He has an exaggerated feeling of being superior in the midst of provincial professors and provincial fellow students. It is about a feeling of inferiority somehow driving the engine of revenge and an exaggerated sense of superiority over others. Griffin was obsessed by a magnificent vision of the power and freedom that his discovery would give him. He didn’t want to share his secret with anyone. This obsession with power invests his character with a violent streak which keeps appearing throughout the novel! Take for example his hitting the landlord in chapter 24, and his setting fire to his lodgings at Oxford street. This violent streak in his character can be seen in the way he assaults whoever comes to capture him in the seventh chapter when he reveals himself at the Coach and Horses Inn at Ipping. Griffin is devoid of conscience and he has no scruples about robbing his own father when he runs out of money to fund his research. What makes things worse is that he has no remorse for his father who commits suicide when he is not able to pay back the stolen money to his debtor! What makes Griffin even more dangerous and scary is his world view which he describes to Dr. Kemp in the chapter 24 where he invites Dr. Kemp to be his confederate, and tells him that together they will unleash, “a reign of terror” on the whole world. Griffin tells Dr. Kemp how they could set out on a spree of “Judicious slaying” of those who would dare to voice their dissent to his rule. Apparently the perceived slight that he feels he has received at the hands of the society has turned him into a very revengeful person with a dangerous personal agenda! The ethics of scientific research might go for a toss, for all he cares, what matters is the rather sadistic pleasure that he gains from hurting others. There is a rather childish form of pleasure in him when he hits Mr. Hall in the chest when he goes to him to ask him about the dog bite,  or for that effect the satisfying feeling of hitting his landlord in Oxford street! The murder of Mr. Wicksteed, an innocent man of 45 in chapter 26 takes this violent streak to another higher and more dangerous level!
Dr. Kemp, the counterfoil to Griffin is a humanist, a compassionate scientist who is able to balance cold scientific reasoning and logic with the romanticism of a poet. His shrewd scientific outlook makes him notice the spot of blood that had been left by Griffin when he entered Dr. Kemp’s house after being shot by the black bearded man at the Jolly Cricketers. Dr. Kemp is a person who doesn’t take things at face value, so he checks all the newspapers before deciding to send a note to Colonel Adye. This is a man who is not only a scientist but also someone who can admire  the rich golden colour of the setting sun bathing the back of the hill. When he first meets Griffin, he treats him with great hospitality, and kindness. Dr. Kemp listens to Griffin’s stories about how he discovered the secret of invisibility, how he treated the cat, and how he had no scruples in turning himself, a human being into a guinea pig as the last stage in his research into invisibility. The conflict in Dr. Kemp’s mind as to whether or not he should hand Griffin to the authorities stands testimony to the fact that this is a man who would not easily betray a friend, let alone someone who went to the same college as he did. He thinks to himself if it would not “be a breach of faith” to inform the authorities about Griffin’s presence in his house. However after careful thought, Dr. Kemp finally does send a note addressed to Colonel Adye.  Dr. Kemp is a counterbalance to Griffin, he is a more sane and balanced person than the latter, he believes in the ethics of scientific research, he doesn’t approve of Griffin’s discovery because it doesn’t benefit mankind. He is not tempted by the vision of power and wealth promised by Griffin if he joins him as a “confederate”. He questions the need to indulge in unnecessary killing of people. He doesn’t approve of Griffin’s vision of “playing a game against a race”. He asks Griffin how he could hope to gain happiness through such violent means. He tells him not to “be a lone wolf,” to “Publish” his “results; take the world …into (his) confidence”.
Ultimately, it can be said that Dr. Kemp knows his responsibilities towards the welfare of humankind, and his scientific curiosity doesn’t overshadow his belief in the ethics of scientific ethics.
Note: This will help formulate answers to the following questions:
1. Draw a character sketch of Griffin.
2. Draw a character sketch of Dr. Kemp.
3. Draw a comparison between Griffin and Dr. Kemp.
4. Write a note on the theme of Scientific Ethics as highlighted by the novel The Invisible

Thursday, 12 February 2015

About the Blog : Rodrick Writes

Rodrick Writes is just about anything that comes to the mind of the writer. This is a blog for students, educationists, readers, writers, professionals, and just about anyone. The specific purpose behind this blog is to celebrate the urge to write and share one's thoughts. Another purpose behind maintaining this blog has been to have a sort of digital diary for saving thoughts, scraps of information, and photographs for the express purpose of publishing these at a later stage. The writer of this blog was able to collate a few poems in the blog and publish them at a later stage as a book titled, Dew Drops, A Collection of poems. The same happened to the large number of short stories that had been published in the blog. The writer was able to collect these and has published them as a book titled, The Andromeda Connection, A Journey in Time. Both these books are being sold worldwide as E-Books and Soft cover books. For teachers and educationists there are articles, treatises and observations from the writer's experience as an educationist with more than two decades of teaching experience. Last but not least are the writer's very own students who have time and again requested for specific insights on their lessons, which the writer has tried to provide. 
To repeat what has already been mentioned above, Rodrick Writes is blog that celebrates the joy of writing, the joy of being alive and appreciating life in all its forms, whether in the form of poems, short stories, travelogues, or just photographs. If the reader thinks that the posts just feel lousy and suck, then his apologies are due with the addition that the reader might look at the posts like one might peep into someone's diary and glance through the scribblings of an obsessive writer and a photographer!
Rodrick Writes goes a few years back to the year 1998 when blogging was still a novelty. Back then, there were limited sites where aspiring writers could publish their posts. What began as posts with a few words interspersed with few photographs soon became articles and short stories exceeding a thousand words. Today, the blog is well received by quite a few readers, some of whom are acquaintances of the owner of the blog. The owner of the blog would welcome any suggestions and observations from his readers as to how further improvements can be made to the blog for the specific purpose of furthering the joy of writing and the joy of reading!
Thanks for your support,
Rodrick Rajive Lal

Sunday, 8 February 2015


Slick as the stream that flows down the gentle slopes,
Do the centuries pass by, barely ruffled by turmoil of revolutions,
Of men that deign to create a mild disturbance to the flow.
Brief eddies that but mark the smooth slide of histories great,
Human vanity that would dare disrupt the slick flow of time,
Imperial men who’d thought they could halt her flow!

Slick as the waxed legs of beautiful women down which slips
A pair of silken pair of stockings, so time does slide in smooth sinuous
Manner. So,be pleasant if you would please to move with the time!
But then should you have the temerity to cast a stone into the smoothly
Flowing stream of time? Wherefore dost thou, knowing that thou art but
A midge, defy the slick passage of the mighty flow of time?

Slick as the eagle that glides through the winds and clouds does
The stream flow, disrupted not the least by small men that dare cause
Minor disruptions in the flow of celestial events,
And children do while away the costly hours in wasteful banter,
Not heeding the advice of elders and teachers, that the slick stream
Waits for none, and sure it benefits to grab time by the horns ere it flees!

Slick like the bolt that slips through well oiled catches,
The stream does slip as slick as the eel that slips
Through eager but careless grasps of inexperienced boys,
Who would accompany their fathers on fishing trips.
Ah! Well a well, if only we'd grasp the import of each minute,
Thus does the stream slip through fingers wide!

So do boys and girls spend their time in friendly banter,
As the One who knows, looks quietly on with a sad manner,
For youth will not listen to the voice of prudence, for what would matter
When the joy of being young does befuddle the mind with madness?
Sad it is to know that squeals of laughter will soon turn into
Sighs of sadness as we reminisce joyful times when was no care!

Slick is time with newly wed men and women waiting to consummate
Their love as night dawns into day, sweet nothings that create
A life of struggle with bawling children and snappy nights,
The newly weds slip into the routine chores of life.
For, as the novelty of wedded bliss does wear away, all that remains
Are memories and promises of the day that pass into knots!

A sadness does alight on to the minds of loves and victors,
As the excitement does wane, routine and  familiarity that creates
A sense of dejection as slick as a snake that slips
Through the hole; so do joy and elation slide into nothingness,
To leave thus a bitterness, an after taste of ashes in the mouth!
But then, surely do dreams and memories mount the mounds of time!

So grab hold of the moment and treasure each breath you take,
Believing it to be your last! Savour so, the moment, make,
It memorable, and lest you should lose it, shake
It well so that you might treasure the bitter with the sweet.
For slick as the sun that rises, golden glorious so does loving  joy
Return, to those that look beyond their saddened minds!

Slick as the sun that rises, glorious golden does joy return,
For those that await it patiently, with baited breath, and hope to turn
Tides of fortune that did but fester. But Joy in an urn
Did wait all the while, slick as the innocent smiles of children,
Now here, now there! If only you’d see the smiling blooms
Of rose and daffodil blooms, but alas! you saw but naught!

For slick as drops that drop from heaven’s heights,
Do flavours us feed with joy and sadness, bitter and sweets
All, but a cornucopia of flavours to choose from! Learn you that as
Sweet turns to bitter, for slick as the stream that flows,
Do flavours change, and lest you be left out cold, prick yourself
With cold reason, that cycles do change like feet that skip!

Slick as the times that change, will lovers meet again,
To spin tales of sweet nothingness, while great commanders regain
Their childhood and play with toy soldiers and whimper as mighty guns
Boom over their heads! the mighty become tame and the swift
Become lame! and all the while the slave in chains does shout,
“Stop!” And the guns fall silent, slick as the times that change.

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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Developing Effective Reading Skills

A common complaint made by teachers across all grades of English is about how students use the wrong strategies to answer comprehension based questions, or for that effect any other reading task given to them as part of a class activity, or as part of an assessment! Quite a few students first read the questions and then they go back to the passage and literally ‘lift’ the answer verbatim from the text! Some students know that the answer is somewhere in a particular paragraph, and so in order not to miss out on the answer, they copy the whole paragraph, eating into the time allotted for the whole paper!
The purpose of teaching students to read is not just to learn to read for ‘information,’ but rather to read for ‘comprehension!’ Not all questions in a comprehension passage might be based on ‘factual descriptions’ rather there might even be questions that require analysis, explanation, and even how the student would react in a particular situation (the so-called situational questions).
Even bright student struggle while reading, and this is because of the way they have been taught to read. Surely, reading in the classroom should have a different strategy than reading in your bedroom, because while reading in your bedroom is a private process, reading in the classroom is a collaborative process. In this case, I am referring to a classroom setting where students sit not in rows, but in crews or groups so as to facilitate discussions and sharing of ideas. An ideal reading class should follow the under mentioned steps:
A lesson plan for a reading assignment in class
  1. The teacher/facilitator gives the students the text and he tells the students to go through the same in three minutes.
  2. At the end of three minutes, the teacher asks the students probing questions, about what and how they ‘feel’ about the text. The facilitator could set aside five minutes for this part.
  3. The teacher now tells the student to read the text silently in ten minutes. Students who have managed to complete the reading before others are asked to jot down their queries/ questions and observations (this instruction is given at the beginning and towards the end of eight minutes).
  4. The fourth stage is one where the discussion takes place between the groups. Here the teacher steps in to assign groups. The teacher can also specify the parameters and the topics to be discussed, such as figures of speech, the message, the central theme, style of writing, genre, tone, atmosphere, the background of the writer or the piece, and of course, the word meanings. In this case, the teacher will assign portions of the reading text to pairs of groups; a particular stanza to two groups, a paragraph, or an entire page as may be the requirement. The teacher could set aside fifteen minutes for this stage.
  5. The fifth stage is the final stage and in this stage, all the students will be asked to come up with a summary, in writing about what they have understood or learned from their reading. This would be a summary of the entire reading and would include a description of the central theme, characters, message, genre, images, feelings of the reading and stuff that the students liked or disliked about the passage. All this while, the teacher would need to step in from time to time, directing the students in the right direction, but certainly not dictating answers.This stage would take twenty minutes. This can also be a stage where students make a brief presentation on specific portions of the reading text.
  6. The last stage would include the assignment of the home task for the students to do at home. This would help them revise what they have read in class. This would take twelve minutes and this includes the buffer time.
Note: This is a plan for a one hour class which would ideally contain two periods of thirty minutes each. Also, it goes without saying that time limits will have to be kept flexible, although the teacher might have to step so that the time limits are followed.
Important Non Negotiables include:
  1. The teacher highlights the learning outcomes at the outset.
  2. Students are given specific instructions throughout the exercise.
  3. The teacher makes certain that he or she keeps reiterating class norms to maintain discipline in the class these include, raising hands, keeping voice levels low, and waiting for their turn to speak.
  4. In the context of social and collaborative learning, the educator should ensure that the emotional and physical safety of the learners is ensured throughout. In times when bullying continues to be a serious concern today, students should be prevented from snubbing others, checking the other student in mid sentence, or for that effect disparaging another student for  maintaining a differing point of view.
The Philosophy behind collaborative reading
L.S. Vygotsky believed that learning is a socio-cognitive interactive process. In other words, cognitive development is ‘socially mediated’. Talking with others helps the learner understand and evaluated one’s feelings, and ideas and it helps students ideate thought processes. The collaborative approach towards learning enhances the process of meta-cognition. Intellectually stimulating conversations can also help students develop proficiency in the four language domains, namely: reading, writing, speaking and listening, besides, I strongly feel that such conversations help build the emotive skills in students. Students taught through the  collaborative approach can read a wide range of texts varying in difficulty levels from the easiest to the most complex and this is because such exercises are accompanied by specific instructions, and rounded up with ample opportunities for discussions. Discussions help students share their thought processes, problem solving strategies, and also provide them the opportunity to how others think and solve problems. Last but not least, conversations and discussions about the reading text where students deal with not only what the text means, but also how you know what they mean!

Also visit the following link for further reading on the topic:

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Job Applications for Grade twelve

The General Objective
Job applications are part of the unit that includes formal and informal letters. The total marks allotted to letters is six marks. The job application includes the cover letter and a bio data or the curriculum vitae. The cover letter includes a brief description of the applicant, his qualification, experience and a mention of the newspaper and the date of the advertisement, while the bio data includes specific details including information about academic achievements, co-curricular achievements, and experience. The student is thus expected to write his or her job application according to the accepted format, accepted conventions, and accepted value points.
A Sample Question
The Sun Star Public School, Kamla Nagar, Delhi, invites applications for the post of receptionist on full-time basis. The post requires the candidate to have a minimum qualification of a valid graduate degree. Preference will be given to candidates who have a minimum experience of at least one year on a similar post,  those who have a pleasing personality and are fluent in English.  Remuneration and perks will be according to industry standards. A higher start can be considered for deserving candidates.
Suggested Answer
Mukherjee Nagar
New Delhi-110007

12th of August 2017
The Manager                                                                                                        
The Sun Star Public School                                                                                    
Kamla  Nagar                                                                                                
New Delhi

 Subject: Application for the post of Receptionist

Respected Sir,                                                                                                                   
I am Ritu Kumar and I would like to apply for the post of Receptionist in your school as advertised by you in the twenty-fifth January edition of the Hindustan Times Newspaper.
I am a graduate from the Delhi University and have done a one-year Post-Graduate Diploma Course in Office Management from YMCA, New Delhi. I have been working as a Receptionist for one year at the DIMS Institute at Rohini.
Respected Sir, I believe that I have the requisite qualification and experience to apply for the post of Receptionist in your school. I assure you that if I am selected for the post, I will prove to be an asset to the Institution. Kindly accept my application for the post of Receptionist.

Thanking you
Yours faithfully
Ritu Kumar

     1. Biodata
     2. Recommendation Letter from present employer
     3. Photocopy of Certificates

1. Name: Ritu Kumar
2. Father’s Name: Shravan Kumar
3. Place of Birth: New Delhi
4. Date of Birth: 1st June 1991
5. Permanent Address: B 26/29, Mukherji Nagar, Delhi
6. Postal Address: Same as above
7. Marital Status: Unmarried
8. Educational Qualification:

Sr.No Exam Board/University Name of Institution Subjects Marks Division Year of Passing
1 Secondary
C.B.S.E S.D.Adarsh Vidyalaya English, Maths, S.St., Science,
2 Senior Secondary
C.B.S.E. Virmani Public School English, Economics, Commerce, Accounts 320/400
3 Graduation
Delhi University Hansraj College English, Commerce, Accounts, Economics 400/800
4 P.G.Dip.
                    NIIT Computer
5 P.G.Certificate                 YMCA Secretarial Practices 450/800

9. Other Achievements: Participated in the zonal championship athletics events in 2008 and won a          bronze medal
10. Hobbies: Reading, listening to music, and travelling
11. Experience: 2014 till date – receptionist at DIMS Institute of Management, Pitampura, New Delhi
12. References:
      1. Mrs Rekha Verma, Principal, Virmani Public School, Pitampura Ph.No.9729563289

      2. Mr  Mohan Kumar, Director,DIMS institute of Management,Pitampura,
          Ph. No. 9710771508

13.  Signature:        ABC                                                                  Place: New Delhi

       Date: 12/08/2017


Sample Questions
Using the above format as a model, draft answers for the following questions:

1. You are Shilpa/Sameer living in Bangalore. You are looking for a job change and better opportunities. While browsing through the Hindustan times on the 25th of November, you came across the following advertisement:

An upcoming food processing unit in Golagaon requires the following staff:

Food Technologist: 2 years degree/diploma in food technology having 1-2 years Lab experience.
Accountant: B.Com. with minimum experience of 4-5 years in a manufacturing concern - should be conversant with sales tax laws.

Please send you detailed resume within seven days to The Manager, Fancy Foods, Sector 68, Golagaon.

2. You are Kamala/Rajan. You have seen an advertisement for the post of a  Trained Graduate Teacher (Science)  teacher in Rani Public School, Roop Nagar, Delhi. Write a letter in response to the advertisement to apply for the post. Give your detailed bio-data also.

Model Answer:

Shastri Nagar,
New Delhi-1100054

12th of August 2017

The Manager
Rani Public School
Roop Nagar
New Delhi-1100054

Subject: Application for the post of TGT Science

Respected Sir,
This is to apply for the post of TGT Science as advertised by you on the tenth of August in the Times of India. I have just completed by B.Ed. from CIE(Dept. of Education), Delhi University and would like to start my career in teaching from your school.
I completed my schooling from Lilavati Senior Secondary School, Shakti Nagar in the year 2012, and then my B.Sc. General course from Hansraj College in the year 2015.
I am confident that I have the required qualification and skills to work as a Science teacher in your school. I assure you that if I am selected for the post, I will work to the best of my ability and prove to be an asset to the organisation!

Thanking you
Yours Faithfully
Kamala Singh

3.Copy of Certificates


1. Name: Kamala Singh
2. Father’s Name: Shravan Singh
3. Place of Birth: New Delhi
4. Date of Birth: 1st June 1991
5. Permanent Address: B 26 Shastri Nagar, Delhi
6. Postal Address: Same as above
7. Marital Status: Unmarried

8. Educational Qualification:

a) B.Ed. from CIE - Department of Education, Delhi University, passed in 2017 with 74% marks.
b) B.Sc. Gen. Hansraj College, Delhi University, passed in 2015 with 52% marks.
c) 10+2 Sen. Secondary, Lilavati Senior Secondary School,  passed in 2012 with 96% marks.

9.  Other Achievements: I have been an active participant in the school MUN and have won numerous awards as a delegate, Government Whip, and Prime Minister. 

10. Hobbies: Reading, listening to music, and travelling

12. References:
      1. Mrs Rekha Verma, Principal, Lilavati Sr.Sec. School, Shakti Nagar, Delhi, Ph.No.9729563289

      2. Dr  Mohan Kumar, Professor, Education, CIE, Department of Education, Delhi University,
          Ph. No. 9710771508

13.  Signature:        K.S.                                                                  Place: New Delhi

       Date: 12/08/2017

NOTE: Students who find it difficult to write down the educational qualifications in the grid format can go for the single line format.

3. Akash Public School, Agra needs a canteen manager. You have just come across the advertisement in one of the English dailies. Respond to the same by sending in the cover note and the biodata for the same in the accepted format.

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Members of The Presbyterian Church of Korea, and The Local Church of Busan visit the Church of The Epiphany, Gurgaon on February the first, 2015

We, at The Church of The Epiphany, Gurgaon were honoured by a delegation of Presbyters, and ministers, and members of the Presbytarian Church of Korea, and the local Church of Busan. The Korean Mission has incidentally been generous providers to  the building of the New Church at Sohna, namely the Sadhu Sunder Singh Church and we are thankful to them. The delegation from Korea are guests of the Church of North India Synod.
Dr. Lee, speaking on behalf of the delegation talked about the increasing cooperation and partnership between the Korean Mission and the Church of North India. He spoke about the immense possibilities in learning from each other. One of the delegates talked about the strong spiritual  revival of the Korean church starting from 1960 and how it persists even today.
The Preacher from Korea went on to talk about the need for spiritual revival in all  churches, and referring to an incident in Korea, he talked about how church goers had no hesitation at one time in coming out into the open to confess their sins. He ended his sermon by blessing the Church of Epiphany and that it might be filled with the Holy Spirit like the Church in Korea.
Unfortunately the delegation was hard-pressed for time and so the visitors from Korea could not be with us till the end of the service; they had to visit other places!