Thursday, 18 February 2010

Dhanpatmal Annual Day Function-2010

Annual Day was celebrated in the Dhanpatmal Virmani Senior Secondary School, Roop Nagar on the sixth of February,2010.

The Guest of Honour on the occasion was an alumnus of the school, Mr. Jasbir Singh. He belongs to the 1982 batch.He is the Director of the G.M.W. Group of Companies. He was a source of inspiration to the students of the School! Thank You Sir, for sparing some of your valuable time for us! He was accompanied by his wife.

Also present on the occasion were the worthy members of The Dhanpatmal Virmani Trust, Mr.Anil Virmani, the Chairman, Mrs.Asha Kishore, the Vice President, Mr.Amitav Virmani, the Manager of the school.

We also had some of our Ex-Principals on the occasion like, Mr.N.S. Sethi, Mr. G.L.Naswa,and Mr.V.K.Palta.

A colourful Cultural Programme was presented by the students.Prizes were distributed to students for meritorious achievements in academic, cultural, co-curricular activities, and Sports, both within the school, and at the Zonal and District levels.

Below are some photographs of the occasion:

Annual_Day_Snaps 013 Annual_Day_Snaps 030 Annual_Day_Snaps 032Annual_Day_Snaps 027 Annual_Day_Snaps 053  Annual_Day_Snaps 029

Annual_Day_Snaps 056

 Annual_Day_Snaps 048 Annual_Day_Snaps 003Annual_Day_Snaps 002

Annual_Day_Snaps 070

Annual_Day_Snaps 104

Annual_Day_Snaps 243

 Annual_Day_Snaps 219

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Celebration of five years of the Dhanpatmal Hindi E-Literacy programme

The Dhanpatmal Virmani Education Trust and Management Society, celebrated its success in running an Adult Literacy programme for five years at a function held at the Nirmal Primary School, Shah Jahan Road, Delhi. The Trust had started with five Adult Literacy centres in the year 2004 with old donated computers, and a Computer Based Functional Literacy Module developed by T.C.S. Today, the number of Adult Literacy centres has shot up to no less than fifty! So far, 2810 women, 29 men and 575 children have been trained. The programme is predominantly for women. The North Delhi Power Limited has been a great support to the project. The chief guest on the occasion was Mr.Sunil Wadhwa, CEO, NDPL.
Given below are a few photographs, glimpses of the function:

E-literacy 005 E-literacy 045 E-literacy 071 E-literacy 040 E-literacy 016

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Save the Tiger!

They tell us to save the tiger! But why do they

turn a blind eye to the poaching of Tigers?

They say the Tiger is our National Animal,

So Shera is the mascot of the Commonwealth

Games! Tiger ,Tiger, in death you serve as an

Aphrodisiac! You are our National export to

serve the needs of impotent people. Tiger

Tiger, what can I do to save you? I covet your

Territory to build my homes and my industries!

Tiger, tiger make way for me, I am the Tiger of

today’s concrete jungle! Your growl has turned to

a whimper Of a child crying for his mother

who will not return because poacher uncle has shot

her dead! Tiger, tiger,you are more valuable dead

than alive! Your body-Parts fuel the avarice of men.

Tiger,tiger you are History, you are another Dodo!

I am stronger than You, make way for me,

An impotent human being

who fuels his sexual drive through you, I have a gun

Which will show who is King, its growl is

Louder than yours! Tiger tiger make way for

Me, the new Lord of the World!

Your days are numbered, I am greater

Than you, the new Lord of the Jungle!


This is a self written poem by me I hope You liked it! Aircel, thank you for reminding me about the plight of the Tigers in India. Their

Advertisement is a poignant reminder of the plight of the tiger which is our National Animal! Unfortunately, Project tiger is a miserable failure, and today we have very few tigers left in a

country known for its tigers!