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How did William Douglas overcome his fear of water in the lesson, 'Deep Water'?

When William Douglas finally crossed from one shore of Warm Lake to the other, he shouted with exultation. He had finally overcome his fear of water  - a handicap that had its roots deeply embedded in two childhood incidents. The first incident happened when he was three or four years old. His father had taken him to the beach in California and there the waves knocked him down. The second took place much later when at the age of ten or eleven he was thrown into the deep end of the YMCA Swimming pool at Yakima. The whole story is a lesson for all young people. The message of the Lesson, ‘Deep Water’ is that handicaps can be overcome. But then, the question is how did Douglas do it? Is there something that we can learn from this lesson to use in our own lives? The answer is yes! To understand how Douglas did it, we need to analyse the whole process. I have broken down the whole process into steps with the relevant Headings given below:

What is the secret to Success in Life?

1.Accepting that you have a problem in life: I have a problem, I need to do something!
Many years after Douglas had that terrible experience in the swimming pool at Yakima, he felt he had a problem with water. His handicap prevented him from enjoying outdoor activities like canoeing, fishing, boating and even swimming. He just couldn’t enjoy life as he wanted to. It was then that he realized that he had a problem and he had to do something about it. The first step in learning to overcome one’s handicaps and weaknesses is to accept that one has a problem. For Douglas, this included an understanding of how his childhood experiences had a larger meaning for him. What comes after accepting that you have a problem in life, is to try to identify the root cause of the problem.
2. Taking Help from someone
It was after Douglas had accepted that he had a problem that he decided to take the next step in solving it. The next step required taking help from a swimming instructor. The swimming instructor was an expert and he took Douglas through a rigorous training schedule until, ‘piece by piece he built a swimmer out of (him).’
3. Physical Training - The Process
In this case, I should mention that physical training is relevant where the handicap has a physical context. In Douglas’ case, it was a strong fear of water. The process was arduous enough. The instructor trained Douglas from October to April five days an hour each. The training included tying a rope around Douglas's waist which was wound around a pulley which the instructor slackened and tightened as his student swam to and fro in the pool. Next Douglas was taught to exhale while his mouth and nose were in the water and inhale when his nose came up. Then he was told to hold on to the sides of the pool and kick his legs. The instructor taught him different swimming styles. For students and young people who are struggling with handicaps, this would mean setting up a schedule of work. planning for the days ahead, and sticking to the work schedule. Some of the most successful people like Arunima Sinha the first woman amputee to surmount Mt. Everest stuck to a schedule of processes which would prepare her for her goal.
4.Mental Training – The Process
Some of the most important aspects of training for success include mental training. In the case of William Douglas, it was about developing the mental skills of persistence, patience, and hard work. Success depends on  Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, a hunger to succeed and a desire to overcome one’s limitations. Most of the successful people we might know have achieved success in life because of their ability to plod over the same areas repetitively. Arunima Sinha kept practicing mountain climbing till she started bleeding from the place where her prosthetic limb joined the stump of her leg. Douglas  repeated his breathing exercise ‘hundreds of times’. While learning to swim in the pool, Douglas describes how, ‘we went back and forth, back and forth across the pool, hour after hour, day after day, week after week.’ Douglas as such had trained himself to be patient and persistent!
5.Doing it On Your Own-Doing it Solo
The next most important thing to do after the period of physical and mental training is over is to Do it On Your Own! Douglas tells us how after the ‘Instructor was finished’, he felt that something still remained. Douglas felt that nagging fear at the back of his mind. He wondered if he would be terror-stricken if he attempted to swim solo in the swimming pool. Therefore, in his own words, ‘I was not finished’. Douglas knew that he had to overcome his fear of water, so he decided to swim solo in the swimming pool. Whenever ‘tiny vestiges of the old terror would return,’ he would frown at it and challenge it and swim another lap!
6.Push your Limits!
Complacency, overconfidence, and laziness are the worst enemies that an aspiring woman or man can have! For William Douglas, swimming solo in the YMCA swimming pool was simply not enough. He just had to push his own limits. For him what mattered was proving to himself that he could do it! Douglas thus went to Lake Wentworth in New Hampshire and he dived from Trigg’s Island and swam to Stamp Act Island. In the middle of the route, when he put his face into the water and could not see the bottom, the old terror returned. He confronted it and it fled. But even this was not enough for Douglas – he just had to push his own limits. Douglas next visited Warm Lake and swam from one shore of the lake to the other. It was only after he had done so, without being confronted by his own fear that he shouted in exultation and the cliffs echoed his shout of joy and achievement. Nothing can beat the joy of having conquered one’s fears and weaknesses to emerge victors in the true sense.

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A Photo Essay of Images from India Gate - New Delhi

India Gate Lawns
These photographs were taken on a visit by my family and I to India Gate. This is a monument dedicated to the soldiers who laid down their lives while fighting in the First World War. One of the most important place to see while visiting India Gate is the flame burning under the cupola. this is a flame that never goes out, and it is a tribute to the unknown soldier. A poignant reminder is the gun with bayonet fixed to the ground, and a helmet placed on top, on the but. But then India Gate is also about the lighter moments in life. It is an ideal location for families to visit on cooler days, and an ideal location for couples to visit, where anonymity might promise privacy from the prying eyes of the neighbourhood nosy parker. Lunch hour in winters usually finds the farthermost lawns closest to Raisina Hill covered with office goers having their lunch or relaxing under the warm sun.
The only change that we observed was that entry of vehicles to the parking lots at India Gate is restricted after five in the evening. There were days when we would pack our dinner and then head towards India Gate for a late evening visit-that, I guess wouldn’t be possible today what with vehicular entry being restricted after five. Yes, my brother was particularly fascinated by the chunks of dry ice which the ice cream vendors had kept inside their thermo Cole boxes to keep the ice cream frozen, and sure, the ice cream lollies were super chilled, the lips got stuck to them! It was a particularly hot day when we visited India Gate and anything cold and cool was welcome. As usual the fountains were flowing, and there were little kids diving into the fountain pools, while young couples huddled in the shelter of whatever shade they could find in the summer heat. Another spot close by is the Children’s park which has a lot of swings and slides and lawns for people to sit while the children play.
Posing for the camera comes naturally for these children because they are regularly photographed by newspaper photojournalists for stories dealing with extreme heat wave conditions in the capital. These children might have figured a number times on some of the leading English Dailies that have their headquarters in Delhi!
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                     P6112291
Golgappas, or Pani Puris are the best known street food that sells the most on the lawns closest to the India Gate after ice cream. The best selling item at the India Gate lawns in the bottled or packaged drinking water. Those who wish to visit the India Gate Lawns should carry enough drinking water, they should wear caps and sunglasses!
I caught a few interesting animals at the children’s park, although I was not able to photograph the mongoose that kept scurrying close by without any fear of the people! It seems as if the birds and the little mammals have adapted to life in the city, that too a life where they are surrounded by so many people!
Shot under very difficult lighting conditions, with the sun at the wrong end, these two birds seemed to be unavoidable! Somehow their silhouette in the bright sun light suggests a high level of social interaction, perhaps they knew each other!

The Formal Release of “Dew Drops, A Collection of poems” by Revd. Sunil S.Ghazan at the Church of The Epiphany, Gurgaon on the 20th of July, 2014


A prayer and dedication for the book by the Presbyter in charge on  the 20th of July, 2014

I finally decided that it was time I asked Revd. Sunil Ghazan to say a prayer for my book and to officially release it before the congregation. Having decided to do this, I carried my specimen, on the 20th of July to the Church duly wrapped in gift paper and got it released. After the service, I displayed a few of the books and was pleasantly deluged by members of the English Congregation who wanted a duly signed copy of Dew Drops, a collection of poems. I guess I should have carried some more of the books to the church. We, as a family have always  resorted to prayer  and dedication by the Presbyter of the church before starting any new project, or perhaps even before leaving on a long journey. I guess it runs in the family, what with my Grandfather (Late Revd. Moti Lal)  having been a wonderful and well known priest in the times before the Church of North India was even set up. He would surely have been pleased to see this book!
A Long Story told briefly about how I came to publish my first book
I had always been interested in writing short stories from school itself. My experiences of life in Ethiopia had always been so rich, what with an amazing culture and a rich flora and fauna, and a society undergoing an upheaval while there I was, an impressionable boy soaking in everything, probably storing everything for later on! In those days, we didn’t have T.V. nor did we have cinema halls in a town called ArbaMinch or ‘Forty Springs’ in Amharic, so, the only source of entertainment and enrichment for me came in the form of the rich collection of books that the school I went have. My father was an avid reader, and I just followed in his footsteps!
I migrated to Delhi in nineteen eighty five for my further studies in college. The sense of being lost in an entirely new society and a new culture was not lost on me, as I began living with my Grandmother, away from my parents who were still working as teachers in Ethiopia. For the first time I came into contact with a large number of relatives who formed the typical extended Indian family! For me, it was like being reborn and learning to fend for myself in a world that had suddenly extended its horizons. I was at that time only sixteen, and there were times when I had to do my own chores which included sometimes, cooking my own food, washing clothes, preparing for college, and studies. When my brother joined in nineteen eighty seven, there were two of us, and then my parents joined us in nineteen ninety one.
I joined my first job as a teacher of English to senior classes in a Government Aided School in Delhi in nineteen ninety four and continued on the same post for a good seventeen years. By then, I wanted a change and so quit the job and took up an assignment as the Principal of a Diocesan School in the small and sleepy town of Jagadhri in Haryana in 2011. In some ways the natural beauty,  the flora and fauna of Jagadhri rekindled those hidden memories of life in Ethiopia. If the time I had spent during college days was a period of soul searching, then I would say that the one year I spent in Jagadhri was an even more intense period of soul searching and introspection because I was away from my family, my wife and two daughters. My father lived with me, but then the time I spent in Jagadhri was a time when after school I was alone and had a lot of time to think things over. It was during this period that I wrote some of my more intense poems that have been included in my collection titled, Dew Drops. I had started posting my thoughts on my blog, http// since the year 2008, so I had a convenient platform on which to host my poems. My one year stint in Jagadhri ended after one year when I felt that the atmosphere there had been too constricting, what with having to convince employees to evolve and adapt.
I returned to Delhi without a job, but relieved that I was back with my family. I was unemployed from the month of April 2012 till the twenty fourth of July. I was finally requested to join as a senior teacher in a wonderful experiential school in Gurgaon on the twenty-fifth of July, which I came to know later on was the birthday of the Principal of the School, Dr. Mahesh Prasad. The love and affection that I was given in the school, and the encouragement I received from Mrs. Kaye Jacob convinced me that there was still a lot of energy left in my. Mrs. Kaye Jacob kept encouraging me to adopt the experiential pedagogy and she convinced me to consider the benefits of the Common Core State Standards of the United States of America. She also encouraged me to do research into experiential pedagogy. One of the areas that she made me work on was Propaganda Techniques. My post on my blog was re-scooped and that was my first high as a writer of articles and posts. While I kept writing posts on my blog, I also became interested in photography and began posting photographs on National Geographic’s ‘My Shots’ page.
It was finally in the year 2013 that I saw an advertisement posted by Partridge Publishing inviting writers to self-publish their poems, articles and novels with them. At that time, I had a lot of doubts about the possibility of my ever being able to publish anything with a well-known Publishing Agency like Partridge Publishing! On a whim I responded to the advertisement, and now I have no regrets about what I did. The persistent e-mails and phone calls by representatives of Partridge Publishers convinced me to send my manuscript to them. Yes, I did receive a lot of negative feedback from all those I knew. They told me not to go in for the offer, since I didn’t know these people. I however believed in my instincts and went ahead and sent my manuscript. The process that followed was an eye-opener for me. There was so much that I had to learn about the process that goes into publishing one’s work, and I have no hesitation in stating that an important part of the publishing process depends on the credentials of the publishing company! Partridge Publishing, helped me realise my dream of publishing my own work, and I have great things to say of Partridge Publishing. What had started as an experiment has finally turned into a reward that is beyond any expectations. It wouldn’t be wrong to state that my publishers taught me to dream and convert the same into something substantial!
My intention was never to have published a collection of poems because, I have always wanted to publish a collection of short stories and thereafter a series of novels. My collection of short stories which is ready is my next project. I hope to realise my second dream of publishing my second book which will be a collection of short stories. I had never imagined that I would be a writer of poems, but then that is exactly what I have done, to my dream come to fruition, thanks to my publishers who taught me to dare to dream and thereafter convert my dreams into reality! Poetry is a very challenging genre in today’s times, but then I felt that poetry was one genre that would help me express my feelings and emotions, and that is exactly what I have been able to do in my collection Dew Drops. Now that I have been able to convert my dream into reality, I hope to be able to inspire others to do the same.I would like to add that my experience of publishing a book has given me a new lease of life, and it has brought to me a sense of worth. Now when I have reached my early middle-age, it is as if I have been given a new lease of life. My students and all those I know look at me with a new sense of admiration, and sure I am glad to be an example to everyone I know. My suggestion to all upcoming writers is to believe in themselves, and most important of all to save their thoughts and ideas on a suitable platform that would ensure retrieval at a later time. The scrap book that I had kept when I was a high school is lost, but then the thoughts, and ideas that I had saved on my blog are still with me. What I had started four years ago is still with me, and I am glad to state that all I have to do is to collate and collect the material that I had saved down the ages. I am grateful to my publishers,  Partridge Publications for helping me to realise me dreams and for helping me to convert the same into a published work. Dew Drops, a collection of poems is the result of the latest trend of self of self publishing! Ever since the day I published my first work, I am glad to state that there has been no turning back! I have finally learned about the importance of dreams and being able to convert them into reality. My faith in God, and the spiritual support of my Presbyter, Revd. Sunil Ghazan who has been with me in my journey of discovering the thrill of self publishing.
Sharing a few light moments with members of the Church of the Epiphany

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Business letters/ Official letters/ Letters to the Editor, Letters to the Principal, and their formats

Sender’s address
Date in DD.MM.YYYY format
 Recipient’s address (including their name and title if you know it).
Subject of the letter  in headline formal
Dear Mr [surname], for a man, or Dear Ms [surname] for a woman. If you don’t know the name of the recipient, use Dear Sir or Madam or Dear Sir/Madam.
First paragraph
The first paragraph should be short and state the purpose of the letter- to make an inquiry, complaint, request something, etc.
Here are some options for starting your letter:
I would like to inquire about (or whether) …
I am writing regarding …
I am writing in response to …
I am writing to inform you that/of /about…
I am writing to complain about …
Further to my letter of 15th May…

This is to inform you about...

This is to bring to your notice...
Second Paragraph
The paragraph or paragraphs (in the middle of the letter) should contain the relevant information behind the purpose of writing of the letter. Keep the information to the essentials and concentrate on organizing it in a clear and logical manner rather than expanding too much.
Last Paragraph
The last paragraph of a formal letter should state what action you expect the recipient to take- to refund, send you information, etc.
Here are some expressions you can use to end a business letter.
Please let me know if …
I look forward to receiving your reply.
Thank you in advance for your help.
I would be grateful if you could inform me …
A formal ending (if you know the recipient), use Yours sincerely. A formal ending (if you don’t know the recipient): Yours truly or Yours faithfully.

Sample letter to the editor of a newspaper about noise pollution in your city
House No.B-110 
DLF City Phase 1
Pin Code:122001

18 March 2014

The Editor
The Times of India
Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg
New Delhi-110 001

Subject: Noise pollution in the city
Respected Sir,
I am Sarthak, a student of grade twelve, and with reference to the article published in your newspaper on 10 July 2013 regarding health problems resulting from noise pollution, I would like to put in my observations on the same. That noise pollution affects us mentally and physically is a known fact for many. Some of the side-effects may be obvious while others may take time to manifest themselves.

Scientists and experts state that any noise level exceeding 90 dB. constitutes noise pollution! Continued exposure to noise pollution can lead to hypertension, heart-related problems and also irritation and lack of patience. Just last week I witnessed an incident of road rage in which a couple of young boys driving in a car were beaten up by a driver and his passenger in another car just because they had been using the horn and were trying to overtake the latter! Noise pollution can also cause deafness which can be permanent or temporary, that is why traffic controllers at airports wear ear muffs or ear protectors. This in itself is proof that we need to save ourselves from the impact of noise pollution.
As a concerned citizen, I very strongly believe that we need to educate the common man about the harms of noise pollution. It is after we take up this step that we can proceed towards the formulation of laws to curb noise pollution. The next important step after the formulation of laws is to enforce them with strict punishments and consequences. Ultimately what matters is developing a sense of ownership and civic sense. Banning of use of loudspeakers in residential areas after a particular time, banning of the use of power horns in vehicles,  and shifting of factories are just a few steps that can help solve the problem. Kindly print my letter in the columns of your esteemed newspaper so that the concerned authorities and responsible citizens take specific steps to address the problem.
Thanking you
Yours Truly
(A concerned Citizen)

Letter of Placing an Order
Angel Public School
14th Main Road
Chennai - 34
March 23,2014
The Sales Manager
Galgotia Book Store
Connaught Place        
New Delhi

Subject: Letter of placing an order
Dear Sir
Since your name comes highly recommended for the supply of educational books, we have decided to place our trust in your bookstore. We hope to develop a mutually beneficial and long lasting business relationship with your store. We will start by ordering a few books.
Based on the catalogue of new books  put up by you on your website, we would like to place an order for the undermentioned:  
1. Indian History by Peter Jackson (Jack son and Co.)- 10 copies- code no, 103
2. Festivals by Margaret Smith (DC Publishers)- 10 copies-  code no,203
3. Caring for Earth by Janet Patterson (Nature Ltd.)- 5 copies- code no,403
Kindly send these items before the 10th of April, also ensure that the books are properly packed in order to prevent damage in transit.  We are enclosing a cheque for Rs. 1000/- as advance payment. The balance amount will be paid by the accounts department after receiving the order.

Yours sincerely
Ketan Darshan
(Principal, Angel Public School)

Letter of Cancellation of order
Angel Public School
14th Main Road
Chennai - 34

April 23,2014

The Sales Manager
Galgotia Book Store
Connaught Place        
New Delhi

Subject: Letter of cancellation of order
Dear Sir,
This is with reference to the order no. 01/468 for the new books placed with you on 23 March 2014. The order was to be executed by 10 April 2014, but unfortunately, there has been no response from your side.
We, therefore, regret to inform you that the order placed earlier stands canceled. We needed the books for an event on 15 April 2014, but till date, we have neither received the consignment nor any clarification from your side even after telephonic reminders.
The delay has caused us a great deal of inconvenience. The unprofessional handling of the order by you has also forced us to take the action which was completely unnecessary. We request you to kindly refund the amount of Rs. 1000/- as advance payment sent to you earlier.
Yours sincerely                                                                                                                                   K.D. 
(Ketan Darshan)                                                                                                                       

Letter of Inquiry(I)
1802, Hope apartments
Sector 15

April 30,2014

The Manager
Western  Hotel

Subject: Information regarding hotel accommodation
Dear Sir
With reference to your advertisement in The Hindustan Times dated the 15th of April 2014, I am writing this letter to know more about your hotel as my family and I will be visiting Panjim after two months. 
I will be arriving with my parents and wife in Goa to celebrate my parents’ wedding anniversary on Saturday, the 4th of July and will be leaving on the 9th of July afternoon. I wish to book double rooms with a seaside view for my parents. I would also appreciate if you could provide me with the information about adventure activities, local sight-seeing tours, and places of tourist importance.
I am awaiting a response from you at the soonest. It  would be great if you could send me the detailed information through email or fax no later than the 2nd  of July with the total cost of stay during the weekend.
Yours sincerely
Roxy Khanna

Reply to the inquiry
Western  Hotel
May 5,2014

1802, Hope apartments
Sector 15

Subject: Information regarding the hotel stay
Dear Sir
We are glad to provide all the information required by you as per your letter dated the 30th of April, 2016 regarding the tariff, facilities and stay in our hotel from 4th and 9th of July 2014. We thank you for showing interest in our hotel!
We will be able to provide the rooms with a seaside view as per your requisition. The room tariff is Rs 5000/- per day which also includes complimentary breakfast.
We have tied up with Blue Waters Adventures for family fun activities which can be booked after your arrival. Day tour packages are available for sightseeing.
We hope to hear from you soon. Kindly write to us if you have any other query.

Yours sincerely
(Manager-Western Hotel)

Letter of Inquiry (II)
Question: You are Tanmay Kumar, a student of grade twelve. Since you have just had your exams and are now free, you want to do something creative during your spare time. You would like to do a short-term course on personality development. Draft a letter to the Director of Just Right Personality Development Institute, Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi to learn about the personality development courses offered.

Sector 14

11th of September, 2017

The Director
Just Right Personality Development Institute
Mukherjee Nagar

Subject: Enquiry regarding personality development courses

Respected Sir,
I am Tanmay Kumar, a student of grade twelve. I have just completed my board exams and have two months to spare before the results are announced and admissions in colleges start. Since I have the spare time, I would like to join one of the personality development courses offered by your institute about which I have heard a lot from my friends.
It would be great if you could provide me information related to the date when the new batch will start, the duration of each course, and the timings of the same since I will be coming all the way from Gurgaon. Last but not least, I would like to know about the fees for each course.
I will be highly obliged if you could send me the information required by me at the soonest. In case there is a prospectus with all the information, then kindly inform me about how to get it.

Thanking you
Yours sincerely
Tanmay Kumar
Letter of Complaint about a Product
House Number 245
XYZ  Apartments
May 02, 2014

The Sales Manager
Bloom  Electronics
Lajpat Nagar
New Delhi

Subject: defective  washing machine
I regret to state that I  purchased a top-loading, LG, BXZ washing machine, with a capacity of 6 liters from your shop on  January 01,2014, vide invoice no. 46 for Rupees ten thousand which has turned out to be defective. The washing machine has been giving me problems from the very day I bought it. The nature of the defects is given in the next paragraph.
A list of problems faced by me is as follows: water from the spin basket does not drain properly, as a result, the machine stops abruptly without finishing the complete washing cycle. To make matters worse, the machine vibrates a lot and makes a lot of strange noises. 
I  request you to send your technician to look into the matter. The machine is still under warranty period. Hence, I expect you to either get it repaired or replaced at the earliest. I also wish to know about the annual maintenance contract to prevent any further problems.

Yours sincerely
Enclosed: A copy of the invoice

Letter of complaint to Civic Authorities
House No. 4A/88
Karol Bagh
 New Delhi-110005

18 July 2014

The Municipal Commissioner
Municipal Corporation of Delhi
New Delhi

Subject: Request for removal of debris and garbage
I am a resident of Karol Bagh, and I would like to request your department to look into a matter of dumping of debris and garbage from a vacant plot in my locality.
House No. 3A/88 at Karol Bagh, New Delhi was demolished by its new owner and has been lying unattended for the last two years. The owner of the plot/house has made a boundary wall around it which however doesn't prevent other people from throwing garbage into the plot. This has led to the presence of an awful odor in the area, besides making the plot a breeding ground for harmful insects like flies and mosquitoes.
Despite several complaints and reminders by the residents, the apathy shown by the authorities is shocking. So far no action has been taken by the concerned department.  Kindly look into the matter and ensure proper maintenance of the area.
Yours sincerely
Anupam Seth

Letter to the Principal
House No. 4A/88
Karol Bagh
New Delhi-110005

18 July 2014

The Principal
Horizon School
Karol Bagh
New Delhi-110005

Subject: Suggestions to improve reading habit among students
Respected Madam
I am the parent of Jatin Seth, a student of class 6-A of your prestigious institute, and I would like to voice my concern over the declining habit of reading among children.
Reading is a wonderful habit and goes a long way in developing the personality of a child. A well-read individual will be able to articulate well which has become a necessity in the modern world.  I believe that the parents and the school should work together to help the children.
I would like to offer a few suggestions. There should be a well-stocked class library and a compulsory reading programme for the students of class III onwards. Each student should be given a book for a fortnight and a diary should be maintained with the review of the book read. Regular quiz, book reading sessions, authors’ meet can be organized with the help of willing parents.
Kindly think over the suggestions. I shall be glad to help you in the capacity of a volunteer parent.
Yours sincerely
Anupam Seth

Q. Madurai University, Palkala Nagar, Madurai,  offers different courses of studies through correspondence. Write to the Director, Institute of Correspondence Courses and Continuing Education, Madurai University requesting him to send you the prospectus. (Word Limit: 200 Words)
23/25 Gandhi Nagar

March 15, 2Oxx
The Director of Correspondence Courses and Continuing Education
Madurai University

Sub. Request -------------------

Please refer to --------------------------------------------------------regarding various correspondence courses offered by your university.

I passed my -------------------------------------------------in 2Oxx with History and Political Science as the elective subjects. I secured-----------------------------------------. Kindly let me know if I am ------------------------------------------------------

You are requested to ----------------------------------------------I am enclosing herewith ---------------------------------------------
Yours faithfully
Mohan Rakesh

1.You are surprised and concerned by personal attacks, complaints of bogus voting, mudslinging by politicians in the ongoing  Lok Sabha elections. Write a letter to the editor expressing your views on the need to have healthy and fair elections.
2.    Write a letter to the Manager, Bata Shoe Company, Faridabad complaining about the quality of shoes bought by you from their local showroom. Mention the cash memo and design number.
3.  You are Sarika Jam of Village Sukurpur, Delhi. Write a letter to Mssrs ABC Coolers, New Delhi, complaining about a desert cooler you bought from them 3 months ago.
4.  M.K. University offers Diploma course in Management through correspondence. You are Sanjay, a resident of 110, R.K. Puram, Delhi. Write to the Director, Correspondence Courses for the brochure and prospectus. Also, enquire if the UGC has recognized this course.
5.You are Seetha/ Surya living in Bangalore. Your friends and you are planning a week-long holiday. You come across the following advertisement. Select a destination of your choice. Write a letter making necessary inquiries from the tour operator before you make your final decision. 
This winter fill your holiday with endless fun and thrill We offer exciting domestic and International holiday packages for individuals as well as groups.
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