Thursday, 30 August 2012

A Rose for my Teacher


When I think of my wonderful days at school,
Your kind face swims into my mind,
A face so full of patience and
Kind understanding!

Today, when I am confused and lost,
Your kind face swims into my mind,
When I stumbled and faltered,
Your hand steadied me so!

You didn’t let me fall when I was oh, so confused,
Your kind face sweet swims into my mind,
You taught me of the joy of learning,
And the joy of new thought!

So, my dear teacher do I offer you a rose,
To say, “ thank you for all you’ve done!”
You taught me to think new thoughts,
And discover the world anew!

When I feel low down and depressed, in a world
Most harsh, your face swims into my mind,
Driving away  confusion and trepidation,
Teaching  me of of patience ‘n’ wisdom!

So would I gift you a rose so fair,
To cherish a memory so fair,
Till I go to my place of rest,
Of one so noble so great!

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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Is technology really making us lazy, incompetent, and poor intellectual performers?

Just today, I came across an interesting article appearing in in the Hindustan Times Weekly magazine, ‘Brunch’ dated August 26, 2012. The title of the article by Rajiv Makhni was, ‘Is Technology Making Us Stupid?’ Somehow, the article raises some rather pertinent and disturbing observations relating to the impact that technology has on the way the human mind works. Some of the observations suggest a rather disturbing possibility that because of our dependence on technology is making us have poorer attention spans, and our dependence on calculators has robbed us of even the basic arithmetical skills that our parents had!
Today,more than ever, fewer people read books, more time is spent on smart-phones,and much time is spent on laptops browsing the net. Research work has become easier, you just log on to the net and search for relevant sites, copy paste required information, and your work is done. Earlier, you had to sit in the library, and then meticulously jot down notes from a pile of books, you were more closely and emotionally connected to the work in hand, and writing everything down ensured that you  went through the whole work mentally because the entire process of writing involved your psycho-motor skills and also required an active participation of the mind! It is a given today that, ‘most children,’ according to Rajiv Makhni ‘who have access to tablets and smartphones do not read printed- page books for more than five minutes a day.’
Our dependence on laptops, smartphones and the internet has caused us to be bombarded by so much information which we cannot really handle. This explosion of information much of it useless has the effect of our information processing abilities. What we need to do is to be able to filter useful information from the useless information and this in itself requires quick thinking! Many of us glance at the information that we get from the net in a matter of seconds, and we notice that we don’t tend to spend much time sifting through the printed matter. In fact it has been noticed that webpages, blogs and power-point presentations that contain more graphics and less written material are more attractive and better assimilated than those which contain more written matter! So, then does it mean that we have shorter concentration and attention spans than our parents because of our dependence on technology? According to Rajiv Makhni, ‘ Almost 95 % of people do not read a Facebook post that is longer than nine sentences.’
The invention of the Kindle, the Tablet and the E-Book  has meant that you  have the convenience of having an entire library loaded into the internal memory. You don’t need a huge room with shelves to house the books, and, you don’t have to frequent the book shop, nor visit the library to return books! How comfortable reading a book has become! However, this convenience means that you become more lazy more home-bound as you don’t have to go out to visit a book shop or visit the library!
Fewer and fewer teachers in the more developed countries in the West are paying attention to handwriting. This  is because most of the work is done on laptops and tablets! This dependence on technology has meant that students are spending less time on handwriting practice! Add to this the fact that since you do less paper and pen work, you don’t get to write a lot, and when you don’t write a lot, your handwriting becomes really bad. Take for example- letter-writing; in the past you wrote letters on attractive sheets of paper which you then put in an envelop and posted. Often this meant writing in your best hand. Today, you send an E-Mail and your mail reaches instantly, without your having to step out of your house to post the letter, and of course you don’t have to waste time, nor do you have to spend time writing with a pen, and you have the convenience of editing what you have written without having to write on another sheet of paper, how convenient!
Social networking sites have the advantage of ensuring that you remain in touch with your nearest and dearest ones and your friends from the convenience of your bedroom. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection. You don’t have to spend time and money on travelling to meet friends and relatives! This has however made us less emotional and rather mechanical as the emotional connect is lacking when you maintain relations on a mechanical level on the net. Today, more than ever you have the convenience of   sending  a virtual greeting card on the net! The trend of posting greeting cards has passed into oblivion!
I guess we can wax and wane emotional about the past years when a handwritten note or letter carried more emotion than an E-Mail today, and the photographs that were developed out of a 35 mm. roll contained more emotion than the photographs we post on the net. In a world which depends on instant gratification, we have somehow become less emotionally connected towards each other because of our dependence on technology. We have become more lazy and complacent because technology has made us more mechanical and unfeeling than our parents were! According to Rajiv Makhni, ‘ Ever since the invention of the computer, the memory space segments of the human brain have shrunk.’ Is this cause for concern for us today? I guess, we need to be concerned, and should ensure that we are not overwhelmed by technology, and maintain our essential human character! We are not machines, we are emotional beings who need to connect to each other emotionally and not mechanically. If we forget our essentially human character, it would lead to the extinction of the human race!

Friday, 24 August 2012

Romancing Lady Luck-A Poem

As thousands yearn for  smiles so vain,
With frowns so cold she casts aside!
She plays a game of luck and chance,
Turns rags to riches and riches to rags!

They pine and wane for a smile so vain,
Fortunes to make ‘n’ fortunes to shake!
Suitors old, he and her, she casts aside,
With smiles so game she takes a new!

Of prayers and tears knows she naught,
While thousands yearn for smiles of gold!
A game of luck and chance what they want,
Fortunes to make ‘n’ fortunes to shake!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Epiphany Church Gurgaon Annual Convention-2012


The three day Annual Convention commenced on the the 17th. of August and ended on the 19th. of August 2012. The speaker on the occasion was Brother Alan Goodwin, a well known evangelist who needs no introduction (this being the second time that he officiated as the Speaker on the occasion)! The Bishop of the Diocese of Delhi, Rt. Revd. Sunil K. Singh graced us on the last day of the convention along with the first Lady of the Diocese, Mrs. Rekha Singh, and their son, Sonal Singh. The Convenor on the occasion was Mr. Robin Moses, and the Co-convenor was Mr.Noel Chandraker. Revd. Sunil Ghazan, the Presbyter in charge of the Epiphany Church presided throughout the Convention.

The theme this time was, “You did not choose Me, I chose you” : John 15:16. Brother Alan expanded on the theme and he started the day by impressing upon all the need to know God well, as He knows what exists deep within our hearts. He went on to state that God has chosen us for us to glorify Him, we we only concern ourselves with material wealth. He further went on to remind all those who were gathered about the importance of self-denial as a means of coming closer to the Cross so that we might walk in the shadow of the Cross! It is only by walking in the shadow of the Cross that we can begin to understand why God has chosen us! Brother Alan went on to assert that God wants us to be the fruit, and that their are two kinds, good and bad. It is only the Holy Spirit that tells us where we have gone wrong.

The Youth Choir singing a lively number
On the second day, the Choir from the Turkman Gate Church sang lively numbers on the occasion. Expanding on the theme further, Brother Allen further stressed the need to be one with Jesus Christ, so that we may like what we are doing since it is according to Jesus’ will. According to Brother Alan, God wants us to be the good fruit. Being good fruit comes from abiding in God’s love!. This also entails, to live in love with each other, with the Holy Spirit as our intercessor! According to Brother Alan, abiding in God’s love entails being patient, merciful, not revengeful, modest and not proud or conceited! It is only by exalting Jesus that we come to know him better. Throughout his talk Brother Alan kept reminding us about the importance of the family as the basic unit where we should by  exemplifying and practicing love and respect for one another especially  by showing to the spouse and love for the children.Since we have been the chosen fruit, it is important to maintain  good behaviour in the family, and this good behaviour includes sharing the word with children. He went on to state that power comes from the word of The Lord,and reading from the Bible. If this is our identity as the chosen fruit, then we are expected to be like Holy Children of God, starting from our homes!

The Choir from the Turkman Gate Church, Delhi
Brother Alan winded up his talk on the third day by reminding everyone that Man lives not by bread alone, but by the Word of the Lord. As God’s own chosen people, we are expected to be put on trial and to be glad in such times as we would come out victorious through our patience and perseverance!

Picture Gallery


Welcoming the Bishop of the diocese of Delhi, Rt.Revd. Sunil K. Singh


A welcome to the First Lady of the Diocese, Mrs. Rekha Singh

Welcoming Sonal Singh


Listening in rapt silence


Sharing a lighter moment with the congregation


The Women’s Fellow Choir singing Soulful numbers


And the Sunday School Children sang some lively numbers!
There were also readings by Mrs. Ivy Lal, Mr. Dipender Benjamin and Mr. Devinder Lal:




Solo Numbers By Seema Rogers, her brother, and Peter John 




Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A Pesky Little Green Bird

  A  green bird peeped through the grill,
As I sat enjoying the  drizzle! My cup
Of tea in my left hand, in the right
Was held my camera dear.   clip_image004
  So I  said  to  the  little  green  bird,
“Show me your face that I might click,
My  tea  grows cold, my  hand tires!”
But still the pesky bird denied me my pleasure!
So to tease me did the bird hop down
And took a step one ahead and one
Behind! And  in my  excitement  did I
Spill  my  tea  and  all  my  patience!   

    clip_image010 clip_image012

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Childhood Games- A Poem about Innocence

Children yell, with zest and zeal!
With   mind  so  free, they  tumble and  turn!
All care of a world far removed, in a garden
Of   flowers, ‘n’ rainbows fair!

So free are  they from  care  and fare,
Of  caste  and  creed  know  they  not!
With sweet sweet smiles do they greet,
The  nodding  flowers ‘n’ rainbows fair!

So they  know  of  toy and joy,
As  they   play  with  bounce  and  bound!
When   little   red  balls   make  so glad,
  Hearts they fill with wonder and glee !

So free are they from scare and dare
Of   hate   and  bait   know   they  not!
With great  great  care  do they greet,
The  nodding flowers ‘n’ rainbows fair!

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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A Visit to a Mall in the Heart of Ghaziabad

When my brother in law told me about the Opulent Mall at Chaudhry More in Ghaziabad, I was a little incredulous because all the good Malls are relatively far away from the centre of Ghaziabad. Moreover, when I last visited the Opulent Mall, the only store that was running was Easy Day, and that was hardly a couple of years ago! This time I was pleasantly surprised to see quite a few well known stores attracting a decent footfall. What is even more amazing is that this   Mall is right in the heart of Ghaziabad. I guess, change has finally come to the older part of Ghaziabad, and with this it is sure to force the area into a more urban culture, what with having snacks, designer hair-cuts, along with the possibility of purchasing a pair of shoes, and perhaps a pair of jeans combined with a pair of Tee Shirts, all under one roof and that too within the comfortable environment of air-conditioning!

2012-08-12 13.40.39

With most of the well known brand names setting shop in this Mall,  it is a boon for those who are hard pressed for time and live in the centre of Ghaziabad, specially the old bus stand, Lohia Nagar, Kavi Nagar,  Railway Road and Raj Nagar. I sure that  the opening up of the retail sector to some popular International brands will ensure that there are more Malls everywhere, and not just  the satellite towns of Delhi!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Kara-A Poem

I saw a graceful woman waft by, a curious smile in her eyes,
And I turned; even though the distance separated us,
For I knew not her name, curious though I was!

Fair and graceful, she was, like a Greek Goddess! Her diaphanous
Garments floated in the air, as she walked, lost in thought,
  I turned to look at her though I knew her not!

I thought the world had I conquered when she glanced at me
 As she passed me by! Would that she my inspiration be!
My own  left me by the roadside to death to bleed!

But, then her  smile  lifted up my spirits, and bid me forgive
Those who’d left me by the road, torn and forlorn,
To lick my wounds   my head to lay sleep!

Kara, they told me her name was so, an angel who applied
salve to wounded souls, with a smile so sweet, an angel,
 So fair, so graceful, would that I knew her well!

Would that the smiles of a stranger uplift the souls so?
Kara, for that the name I ken, that lifted my mind so,
As mine own had left me to lie on the way-side so!

When Kara, passed me by,
 With a smile so sweet, and eyes so deep, why,
I forgot the pains that bound me so, and looked at her in wonder!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Epiphany Church, Gurgaon, Civil Lines,Remembering the Consecration of The New Building


The New Church building of the Epiphany Church, Civil Lines, Gurgaon was sanctified and consecrated on Tuesday, the 6th. of January 2009 on the occasion of Epiphany Day by the Rt.Revd.Bishop Sunil K. Singh. The vision of the elder members of the church thirty to forty years back, coupled by the vision of the Rt. Revd. Bishop Sunil K. Singh (who was the Presbyter In Charge of the Church of the Epiphany) finally came to fruition by the Grace of the Almighty Lord. It was a solemn and emotional moment for the congregation and all those who had worked unstintingly for it. Revd. Suresh Kumar, The then Secretary, Diocese of Delhi, and Mr.V.K. Samuel, the then Treasurer, Diocese of Delhi Graced the occasion. Some of the Pastors who had served in the Church and were present on the occasion were, Revd. Baldev Sandhu, and Revd. Prabhakar Mahlan (presently the Secretary of the Diocese of Delhi). Revd.Sudhir Rumalshah, who had served the church as Deacon was also present. Also present were Presbyters from various Churches of the C.N.I. Diocese of Delhi. Providing a list would be difficult! I remember, particularly Colonel Sen who was an important member of the building committee, but is no more with us.

The day started with the cutting of the ribbon and unveiling of the foundation stone by the Rt. Revd. Bishop Sunil K. Singh. This was followed by a worship service which included the Sanctification of the Altar, and the entire new building. A confirmation service also took place on that day. At the end there was a fellowship dinner for all those who were present. It was a red letter day for the members of the congregation of the Epiphnay Church of Gurgaon who rose to the challenge of building the church and contributed wholeheartedly to the noble cause!

The smooth conduct of the Consecration Ceremony would not have been possible without the guidance of the Presbyter In Charge, Revd. Samuel Ashish Jacaob, Deacon Daman Rodgers, Stalwarts: Mr. Pramod Sagar, Mr.Dipender Benjamin , Mr. Devender Lal, and Mr.Sunil Massey.


The vision for constructing a new Church was seen by the members of the Congregation thirty to forty years ago. This vision was then taken up by the Rt.Revd. Bishop Sunil K.Singh who was the then the Presbyter In Charge of the Church. On 6th. January, 1998, the then Bishop, Revd. Karam Masih blessed the land on which the new Church Building was to be constructed and thereafter there was no turning back! The successful completion of the new Church building is a testimony to the support of the Diocess of Delhi, the Congregation, which were generous with it contributions, the guidance of our Bishop, who was the then Presbyter In Charge, and the stalwarts of the building committee, Mr. Scott, Col. Datta, Mr.S.S. Hughes Mr. D.D. Lal and Mr.Sunil Massey. (I will always remember Colonel Ranjit Sen who was on the building committee for such a long time. He left us for his heavenly abode at the end of the year 2011.)