Sunday, 24 April 2011

United Church, Sadar Bazar, Ambala- Convention-2011

I happened to attend a one day convention at the United Church, Sadar Bazar, Ambala Cantonment on the 23rd. of April, 2011. The Church is under the Church of North India, Diocese of Delhi,  the  Presbyter in charge is Revd.Arthur Solomon and he is assisted by Presbyter Revd. Daman Rodgers. 

The Rt. Revd.Sunil Singh, Bishop of the Diocese of Delhi was the speaker, and it was a privilege to hear him speak! The Bishop talked about how the name United Church, reflects the main aim of the Church of North India which is unity of the Diocese. Incidentally, The Rt.Revd. Sunil Singh, happens to be the first Bishop from Haryana. The Bishop talked about the importance and significance of Good Friday, and the meaning of Easter. He further said that Parmeshwar, may be also viewed as oneness with God. He spoke about how sin draws us away from God, and  how the Prodigal Son was alienated from his father because of his bad ways. However when the Prodigal son repented and returned home, he was welcomed by his father. The Bishop talked about the importance of praying with humility and without pride. One of his anecdotes which particularly struck me was about how a rowing boat needs to be rowed with both the oars, and that if you use only one, the boat will go in circles! One oar is Faith and the other is Strength. You need both Faith and Strength to row the boat of life to the other bank.

There was a serene atmosphere in that cosy church.  The church, incidentally is more than a hundred and seventy years old (The written records go back 170 years). The Presbyter Revd.Daman told me that the renovation had been done in such a way that very little of the original structure was affected! So much work is being done by these churches which are far away from the Capital. I was particularly captivated by the Church Choir which sang some wonderful numbers in Punjabi. The choir was wonderful

On the occasion, I took some photographs which I have pasted below:


DSCN3431  DSCN3429


DSCN3428 DSCN3435


























Friday, 22 April 2011

Will Children be Children?

Yesterday, when I checked my mobile, I noticed that the display had been changed, and the analogue screen saver that I had selected had disappeared. I was in a tizzy, and on an impulse I asked my wife and daughters who had come for the Easter Holidays whether anyone had played with my my mobile. It transpired that my elder daughter, who studies in class nine in Gurgaon had been playing with it although she has her own mobile. I scolded her for having changed the settings in my mobile on an impulse, but then realised later on that I myself as a child had fiddled with my father’s record player! Little do we parents realise that the little things that our children are only repeating what we as children had done long ago! A little bit of mischief might result from harmless curiosity about gadgets, and such exploration shouldn’t be treated harshly! In today’s times of technological advancement, children are exposed to technology which is more advanced than in our times of childhood! Perhaps my anger was the result of  not being able to restore the settings in my mobile easily! No doubt it took me some time to restore the Analogue clock screen saver on the mobile, and it was only I had been able to do so that I sighed with relief! Often we have noticed that children are better able to handle gadgets and their settings. We adults may take time to adapt to the intricate settings of modern gadgets because we are slower in adjusting to newer technology while our children have no problems!! It is clear that we are living in an age of technological advancement where the quantum of knowledge and discoveries and information seems to be doubling and tripling at a faster rate than ever before! That mobile phone or gadget for which we have a sentimental attachment! The mobile phone that we bought six months ago becomes obsolete and outdated! Wi Fi, Android Applications, megapixels and so on have become commonplace among the younger generation. The only concern is lest we and our children are swept away, or overwhelmed by the newer inventions and discoveries!

I guess, we should stop being surprised if our children are more at ease with modern technology. The moot question is, how long will they be able to stay ahead of technology? Perhaps it is just that we have forgotten our own childhood and that we ourselves were way ahead of our own parents in handling gadgets! So, then I guess, children will always be children, and we too were children once upon a time. In fact, there is a child within every adult, and that childhood curiosity is curbed in adults because of inhibitions and the fear of being caught by others and the embarrassment it would cause to us! Now, as a father of two, I realise how my own father would have felt when I played with his record player and probably caused it to malfunction. It used to be thought that girls played only with dolls, but today girls are comfortable with boys’ toys, whether computers, cars, bikes, or any other invention that science and technology can throw at them! In fact I have noticed that my daughters hardly ever play with dolls. They are more interested in the desk top I have left behind in Gurgaon. In fact now they are able to handle printing and scanning with ease, besides working on the computer. Well I guess, we have to accept the fact that our children are here to stay, and they will always try to experiment with that expensive gadget you bought for yourself. You can only take it with grace and pray that they don’t wipe off that expensive software or delete that important message! Forget about using a password at home, after all what do you have to hide from your children and your wife? I am sure these children will always find a way through your password. I guess, children will be children and their mischief and curiosity is after all a sign of growing minds. Just be alert that your children don’t hurt themselves! And of course,  remember to put in a site protection software in your mobile, since a lot of forbidden sites can be accessed through your internet enabled 3 G mobile phone!

Vocationalisation in Education-an urgent requirement!

It is a harsh reality that not all students will be able to get through a formal degree course, and not all students will be able to get white collar jobs after doing their graduation. So, then, why is today’s Educational system aimed at students who want to enrol in formal degree courses? Unfortunately, not all students of twelfth class will be able to get admission to their favourites graduate courses, or even their favourite engineering or medical courses. It is because of these harsh facts that the importance of introducing vocational courses at the secondary and higher secondary levels becomes essential! Food Technology, Fashion Designing, Computer Sciences and Informatics Practices are some of the courses that have been introduced by the C.B.S.E., but then they are not enough. The minimum requirement for admission to an ITI or polytechnic course is a secondary certificate, besides an entrance exam. This is good enough. It is high time our Education Policy makers realised that there should be more lateral  exit points  and opportunities for students who want to leave school before twelfth class. It is not enough to have just one exit point for students who want to leave school to join a  vocational trade. I believe eighth and ninth classes should be  the minimum exit points for students, and they should not be forced to stay in school till tenth or twelfth, by which time they would be a disillusioned lot! If these students can leave school by class eight, they can at least join a vocational course and learn a trade by the time a regular student passes class twelve. This would provide better employment opportunities for students who leave school after class eight or nine. I wonder why we insist on forcing a student to stick in school till class twelve when he is not interested in English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Commerce or Maths? This student might be more interested in a trade, or even he might be good with machines, or crafts? Our Educational policy pays lip service to Vocationalisation of education and we are churning out too many graduates and twelfth class pass outs who are not able to get jobs because they don’t have very good marks. They can’t get jobs as professional because a traditional class twelfth pass certificate  or a Graduation Degree does not equip them them for life. Most have to go for a professional degree course after completing their graduation. For a teacher, one would have to go for a B.Ed. degree after graduation, for others it would mean going for a Diploma course or a certificate course. For students who can’t afford further education  it is a waste of time going for a formal degree course! The problem of undisciplined students can be solved if they are not forced against their wishes to stay back in school studying subjects they are least interested in till class twelfth. Give them the opportunity learn something useful, some thing which will give them employment, and self esteem and self dignity and self dignity. After all, what is a paper degree without exceptionally high scores?

Thursday, 21 April 2011

The Natural Beauty of Jagadhri

Jagadhri is a beautiful town in Haryana with abundant greenery and lush green fields with crops. The rivers on the outskirts are bounded with trees, and one can find a large number of different species of birds. People enjoy fishing in the rivers near Dadupur. I tried taking a few photographs at extreme zoom levels. Unfortunately, I had left behind my tripod in Gurgaon, so there was considerable camera shake which didn’t give me very clear photographs. The river off Dadupur is an ideal spot for camping, picnicking and of course fishing. One can enjoy natural beauty at Dadupur. The Poplar trees line the roads and offer a rich feast to the eyes. Poplar plantations provide precious raw material for the burgeoning ply-wood industry which is the back bone of the economy of Jagadhri and Yamunanagar. The steel industry too provides a livelihood to a large number of workers in the area. I have tried to capture the natural beauty of the outskirts of Jagadhri in my photographs.


The river stretching into the horizon leads you to a sense of eternity!           




Sheer mass of water belies the calmness of the river. Hidden below the surface are strong currents that can sweep away anything in their paths!




The trees whose branches meet overhead create a sense of a tunnel or a natural canopy.




This is a cormorant which which was taking a long rest on a tree trunk jutting above the surface of the water.






The Bridge below is said to be jinxed as it constantly collapses. Call it superstition or, is it just a matter of subsiding soil sub-strata?



Fishing is a favourite pass time for the locals. This man told us that he had hooked a Mahasher fish. We kept waiting for him to land “the big one” but then after waiting for some time it appeared as if he was fooling us, and that his hook and sinker had probably gotten snagged under some rock or log!



This smart bird was skipping around like a self important person…look busy do nothing!



I saw this man gazing into the water.Perhaps he was trying to extract the meaning of life from the river!



The tight cropping and slight vignetting (Corrected by me digitally) is the result of extreme zoom levels. Whatever, I got what I wanted!



I couldn’t identify the species of the bird on the tree. It was very far away. Perhaps it is some kind of a crane or stork? I think the flying crow makes the scene interesting.


These birds were again very far away. The lighting was not too good because the sunlight was in front of the camera. However, I thought the flock of birds made for an interesting subject to photograph albeit at extreme zoom!


Talk of inter species cooperation! You have it all in this photograph!




That is my father enjoying the scenery.The somewhat blurred reflection in the water makes the subject interesting!



Birds, here we come! Look out for us!


Friday, 15 April 2011

Off to School



The little children troop to school,

Their first day at school.

While one weeps, clutching

His mother’s hand, the

Other is eager to find new friends.


In the class room, one boy sits

Bewildered, asking where is

Daddy? For he has never

Been away from daddy,

And watches others dispassionately.


The pangs of separation are hard

To bear, for weaning comes later

In men than birds! The child

Breaks his heart for one of the

Many separations in life!


For  school is one of

The stages of life we  go through.

The pangs of separation inure us,

To be strong in school and life!

“Daddy, when will you come?” sighs the Child!


I watch the child with an echo in my heart.

For was I like him, when daddy dropped

Me at school, and I became sad,

and wished,  daddy would come for me.

But that was another time!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The Ebola Virus, The Superbug and The Battle for Survival

The recent reports of the Ebola Epidemic in some countries in Africa has caused a serious concern among medics and common people all over the world. There have been false alarms about the detection of possible cases of people affected by the disease in the airports every where, most however have turned out to be false. Rampant use of antibiotics, a sedentary life style, and a life style that is becoming steadily sterilized and sanitized all might have contributed to plummeting immunity levels and a growing susceptibility to contract the bug!                 
Scientists all over the world are concerned that there might be an outbreak of an epidemic of alarming proportions, an epidemic over which medical science might not have a solution. Throughout the history of the planet we have seen how various species have struggled with each other for space and dominance. The mighty dinosaurs became extinct, their sheer mass and size did nothing to ensure their survival. It was the small rodent, a mammal which survived( the mammal became the predecessor some higher forms of mammals)   the meteor strike which struck the Earth and caused a nuclear winter kind of situation. So, then it is clear that might and sheer size do not spell success! Today, the mighty Tiger is fast approaching extinction! The same can be said of the Lion! It is gradually becoming clear to scientists all over the world that Man’s dominance on the Earth is being challenged by other life forms. No, we are not threatened by a Godzilla, or a Loch-Ness Monster, rather we are under threat from  tiny, microscopic organisms called bacteria and viruses.
There has been an alarming increase in the out break of strange and mysterious diseases which are accompanied by hemorrhagic fevers, and high temperatures. Doctors are puzzled by the symptoms because they are unable to diagnose the cause. They resort to broad spectrum antibiotics  which incidentally have no effect on the disease. The only course of treatment is to give symptomatic treatment, replacement of body fluids, and  keeping  control over the body temperature. When researchers did a study later on, they identified the highly evolved strains of the Ebola Virus and the Hanta virus. Avian flu, swine flu are examples of some of the diseases which affect a wide variation of species. The AIDS virus itself a very clever virus had a particular strain found in a particular family of monkeys. It is a proof of evolution that now we have a strain of the AIDS virus which targets human beings! The AIDS virus is a clever virus, it imitates or copies the protein molecules found in the human body, and cleverly hides inside the human cell. The white blood cells don’t attack the invaders because they think that the AIDS virus is a friendly organism, part of the human cell!
Scientists believe that the future of the entire human species is threatened, not by a monster or an alien from outer space, but rather by an alien from within the Earth, the Superbug! These superbugs may be described as highly intelligent micro-organisms which have evolved and developed and adapted to fight drugs, antibiotics, and harsh weather conditions! To a great extent we are responsible for making these superbugs, super! Our indiscriminate use of disinfectants, and antibiotics has lead to the creation of a new strain of viruses and bacteria which are drug resistant!
Charles Darwin talked about the role of adaptation in the survival of species, which is quite true today! Mankind’s fight for survival will not be with a Godzilla but with tiny microscopic organisms called bacteria or viruses. Today we have become complacent and lazy, believing that our dominance on the Earth is permanent. What we don’t know is that other species are quietly but surely, evolving and adapting at a faster rate than us. They are becoming more intelligent than we are while we squabble amongst ourselves over petty matters! The genes of these micro-organisms are evolving faster and faster, while Mankind’s development is slowing down because Man has reached the peak of his development. So, then, how will mankind fight the superbug?  Does the advent of the superbug mean the end for us? Will we develop into robots which are virus proof or bacteria proof?
In a world progressing towards miniaturization it is not surprising that we need to fear the smaller organisms than the big and mighty ones. History has proved that in the struggle for survival  the big and the mighty beasts proved  to be lumbering and lazy, while the smaller organisms were more intelligent and active! Thus we have the NDM1 Superbug. This is a multi-drug resistant bacteria found in the sewers, open water pools and even in some  drinking water samples!
(Klebsiella pneumonia and E.coli bacteria can host the NDM 1 enzyme and both can lead to urinary tract infections. Symptoms of NDM1 include, Klebsiella pneumonia which affects the lungs and E.coli affects the Gastrointestinal system. Infection areas currently include India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. NDM 1 has reached Britain, America, Canada, Australia and the Netherlands. Carbapenem antibiotics are the strongest line of defense against multi-resistant bacteria. Carbapenems are often a last-resort drug. Even this powerful antibiotic cannot tackle the new NDM 1 superbug. )

Sunday, 10 April 2011

The River of Life-A Poem


I stand before the river of life, flowing towards eternity!
The river journeys through  birth on to old age, a journey
Of life. If life be like a river, then how many hills and valleys
Does it cross? Life, like a river starts full of energy and action.
By old age man slows down like the mighty river, pensive and
Thoughtful, contemplating what more life holds for him!
The waters hold the secrets of life, thus he sits, trying to
Unlock the silent mysteries of the waters now sedate and
Calm! For to read the waters needs  the ripeness of life!
Each wave, a story to tell, river, river, tell me what have
You for me? To flow with you to join the brimming sea, and
Join the mighty sea of eternity would be my destiny.
The sea within, the sky beyond, where the future
Beckons to all of us, the waters calm as eternity.
If there be eternity, look into the still waters of life,
As they flow towards the horizon beckoning to the tired
To rest in the lap of eternity or to rest the eyes in the
Still waters of the mighty river of eternity!
So leads the river like the path through the
Sylvan woods, to a garden of joy, rest and peace.
The wanderer to rest his aching feet after a life-long
Journey. For life is like river that passes through
Mountains and valleys, to join the ocean  and
On, finally to the Garden of Life!

Friday, 8 April 2011

The Ethics of Patenting Gene Therapy and Life Saving Drugs

In today’s world of intellectual rights and corporate patents, one often wonders whether perhaps special consideration should be made for essential life saving drugs and gene therapy. Should for example, anti AIDS vaccinations be patented, if at all a successful vaccination is discovered? A Patent on such a vaccination would prevent poor Nations and poor people from benefitting from this discovery. Shouldn’t a distinction be made between the patenting of life saving drugs and other industrial patents? Today we have started talking about stem cell research. Suppose a new discovery is made about the method of developing an organ from stem cells, would it be ethical to patent it so that only the rich might benefit from it?

Suppose scientists identify a particular gene in a specific individual which fights ageing or cancer, can the particular gene be patented? Or can the process of isolating this gene be patented? Suppose a scientist identifies particular gene that is found only in me, and he patents this particular gene, does it prevent other scientists from isolating this gene by extracting it from me? Does this patent mean that he can stop me any where and try to extract samples from me? If the law says that the scientist owns the patent to my genes which have the property of fighting cancer, then does this ownership of the patent, in any way curb my freedom?

The possibilities and thoughts raised above are no doubt frightening! God forbid that the above scenario should ever take place, but the possibilities are always there! What then should be the ethics of Patenting Gene Therapy and Life Saving Drugs? It is quite true that a huge amount of money and valuable resources including time are spent in medical research, but then shouldn’t the benefits filter down to those people who really need the fruits of medical research? After all human beings are not machines, they are individuals with feelings, aspirations, hopes and the will to live! My final questions are: Does science give us the right to patent life ? Does the law give the right to patent Human Genes?

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Are Vitamin Pills and Supplements the secret to long life?

Vitamin Pills and dietary supplements are the latest fads today, and companies claim great benefits from them. The list of such health care items can go on and on! First you have those pills, they are the multivitamin pills, then you have the multivitamin and multi mineral pills, then you have syrups, powders, pastes and what not, whew! The so called health freak would probably end up popping countless pills of dubious content!
The supplements come next. You have beta-carotene supplements, then you have Spirulina supplements, you have Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplements, then you have fish body oil extracts, you have green-tea supplements, then you have protein supplements, whey protein supplements, and so on. The health freak is spoiled for choice today. Talking about supplements is the fad, and everyone is a doctor today, advising this or that supplement.
An important question however, is whether these supplements or pills really benefit the consumer! It is a well known fact that vitamins remain effective and they have a good effect only as long as you consume them in their natural form! Vitamin C is good as long as you eat an orange. Unfortunately, the moment you isolate it and extract it and then package it in a pill, it no longer has much of a benefit! It seems as  if these vitamins don’t work well enough when they are isolated. Vitamins work well as long as they are in the fruit, along with other naturally occurring substances. Thus excess vitamin C would probably cause you indigestion, or acidity, uneasiness! As far as supplements are concerned, I wonder why people go for green tea extracts, when they can always have a nice cuppa green tea with a few drops of lemon in it! Green tea contains powerful antioxidants  which help fight free radicals. Free radicals are the natural by-product of metabolism the process of oxidation. Free radicals gradually choke the cells. I wonder whether these antioxidants are as powerful when they are extracted, or perhaps they are only finely powdered particles of tea-leaves which are then sold at an exorbitant price to the gullible customer!
Some more supplements that come to mind are, acai fruit supplements, Fish body oil supplements, colon cleansers, and…. well, the list is endless! Again I wonder why one should go for a fish body oil when everyone knows that if you eat oily fish twice a week, it is as good! popcorn, is a good colon cleanser. Eating popcorn once a week will keep your colon clean! Then we come to beta-carotenes. These are the precursors for the formation of vitamin A. The body synthesises Vitamin A from beta carotenes. Beta carotenes  are found in carrots. There is a controversy regarding Beta Carotenes. In their natural form, they fight free radicals, and help fight cancers. In their artificial form however, they might even advance the onset of cancer!
So, then, what should we do to live long? The first question is how long is long? A hundred, a hundred and fifty? The answer can vary a great deal! After looking at the above given facts, it becomes clear that  to live a long and healthy life, one should go natural. Having a nutritious diet will go a long way in providing you with all the essential vitamins and  minerals. Unfortunately, in today’s world, our dietary habits are very bad. We go in for junk food, have lots of burgers and french fries, and our children are becoming obese because they are ingesting too many carbohydrates and trans-fats! The fast food culture is obviously a barrier to long life. Then you have a sedentary life style. Lack of proper exercise is slowing us down. In today’s I.T. age, we are bombarded by information which we can’t handle. This leads to stress, and stress, as we know is a silent killer! Meditation, introspection and prayer are powerful stress-busters, but then the question is, do we have time for a moment of quiet? The reader can judge for himself what he thinks is the secret to a long life, and I don’t have to spell it out because it is obvious!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Children at play and its importance

Today, after a hectic day at school, I went out on to the terrace in evening and watched my landlord’s children and some other children playing. Looking at them reminded me of my own childhood and the daughters I had left behind in Gurgaon before coming to Jagadhri on a new assignment. Looking at the children transported me to a time when I too was the ringleader of my group of Ethiopian children. The games however were different. The children I saw from the terrace were playing cricket while I used to play football. I played attack or offensive while my younger brother was an excellent goal-keeper.

The obvious leader of the group of children that I could see from the terrace was the eight or nine year old son of the landlord while his elder sister, a twelve years old girl was his opponent. This strapping boy, the obvious ring-leader of the group was the bowler, while his sister was adept in handling the bat! He bowled in various styles, he explained to his cohorts that he could bowl fast pace, medium pace, and spin. He had as his side-kick a pudgy stocky energetic boy who was a bundle of raw energy.

Observing them from the terrace I could see what they could become in the future. There were future policy makers, future board members, and professionals before me! It is amazing how we can see emerging character traits and character patterns in children at play! It is like watching a flower bloom with immense possibilities for the future! What a wonderful experience it is to watch children at play!

Various child psychologists and educationists have stressed the importance of play in the psychological, emotional and physical development of the child. Role play is a most important activity for a child because it trains him for future challenges in life! Child psychologists, educationists, and parents can make important evaluations about the future strengths and weaknesses of children just by observing them at play! Emotional and psychological problems begin to manifest themselves at an early stage during childhood, and they become evident when you watch children at play! Adjustment problems, problems related to poor self esteem in children can be observed early during childhood. Parents who are the most important teachers and guides can take certain preventive steps to curb destructive tendencies in children. Children who are overbearing, those with personality disorders leading to aggression, excess dominance leading to future adjustment problems can all be effectively  handled by parents and teachers. Counselling, change of environment, setting up of different goals, channelling of energy, can all help train  a child to adapt better to the environment. Similarly, children who display excess reticence, or shyness or introvert behaviour can be offered  a judicious selection of friends,offering them games where they can excel, talking to them, identifying their strengths and weaknesses and working on them will no doubt help them immensely! Thus it is clear that manipulating the environment adjusting goals in life can help the child overcome his shyness or even aggressiveness. When you expose a domineering boy to an environment where his friends are better than him, then you would be getting a message across to him that there are others in this world who are better than him! Thus it is clear that emerging leadership traits can be viewed in children, and disturbing trends of bullying should be addressed early in childhood before they take up disturbing proportions.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Bag Art

One day while going through the images stored in my mobile of my previous school I came across a series of photographs that I had taken of the bags of some of the students. What had caught my attention was what the things that the students had written. It seemed as if the bags of the students had become a canvass on which they could express their thoughts. The bags had become a medium or means for expressing their thoughts, ideas, or perhaps a means of standing out in the crowd! This school where I used to work is in Delhi, and it is close to the Delhi University North Campus. Although the students did not come from a very rich back ground, they were nevertheless exposed to the University Culture, and were very much up to date with the latest fashions. Since the school is close to Bungalow road, you can understand why I say that the students are aware of the latest trends. What they have written on their bags is thus an expression of their desire for recognition, assertiveness, and the desire to be “Hep” modern, and fashionable.Also, you will notice that the medium of expression is English, so clearly they wanted to show that they were modern by writing their graffiti in English. This spurt in the writing of Graffiti could also be a means of attracting the attention of the girls who have begun to study in the school, since co-education was introduced recently and there are fewer girls in the school. Look for  yourself and guess what was in their minds when they were writing on their bags!







Fortunately, one of the boys had the awareness to spread the message against smoking. Another thing the students are very obsessed with is “Attitude”! By attitude they mean charisma, machismo, and of course that they are aware about the “Cool Dude” Syndrome. Well best of luck to them!

Monday, 4 April 2011

My Welcome at St.Thomas School, and Christ Church, Jagadhri

I was formally installed as a Principal in the St.Thomas School, Jagadhri on the twenty-fifth of March. Among those present on the occasion were The Secretary of the Diocese of Delhi, Revd.Prabhakar Malhan, The Secretary and Treasurer of the St. Thomas School, Dr.A.D.Lyall, the Presbyter in charge of The Christ Church,and the Chaplain of the school, Revd.Lazar, and some of the staff members of the school. The event started with a speech by Revd. Prabhakar Malhan, and another speech by Dr.A.D.Lyall. The benediction and prayer was conducted by Revd. Lazar. I joined the school officially on the first of April. Given below are a few photographs of the occasion:
2011-03-25 14.19.25 
                                                     2011-03-25 14.23.06
2011-03-25 14.23.18

I was given a warm welcome in the Christ Church on the third of April 2011 by The Revd.Lazar and Revd.Vishal . Mrs.N.Singh, a senior member of the Congregation presented me with a Bouquet of flowers to welcome me into the family of the Christ Church, Jagadhri.
Image0756                    Image0757

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Sunrise At Jagadhri

Early in mornings, I noticed that the rising sun looks absolutely stunning in Jagadhri it could be because there is less pollution in the atmosphere! Unable to resist capturing a few shots of the sun, I rushed to the terrace with my camera and captured these stunning photographs of the sun rising in the early morning.