Monday, 28 February 2011

How does it feel to be paralyzed in a road accident? Drive sensibly to save lives!

The once brilliant mind lies trapped within a Husk.
He  was  once a  brilliant Scientist  with  the  task
Of  explaining  the  origin of  the  Universe ! Now
He  can  only  move  his  head  or roll  his  eyes.
His  body  lies  paralyzed  on the  bed! He longs
To  spread  his wings and bid adieu to his prison
But alas, he has yet to bide his time, for release!

The  emotions of frustration and  boredom
overwhelm  him, for he has nothing  to do,
But to  muse and think  away the day and,
Discover why his fate was to be enslaved.
His is  a  body  stiff as a board, unmoving!

His   beloved   visits him  and  she smiles at him,
But , her   eyes   strangely  distant.  Does   she,
Know   what  he   is  thinking, or has  she  found
Another  worthier  than  him? The nurse  comes
Along  with  that  young  doctor-“intern” they tell
Me. Then  shamelessly  they kiss in front of me!
They start to make out, with her protesting, “not
Here, not  in front   of him!” Replies  the Doctor,
“He  is  vegetable!” And they ignore the man on
The  bed, for  he is  a paralyzed man, not living!

My body  might  be  dead, but  my mind is
Ever  sharp,  alert,  awake and  full of life!
I  can  think, I  can  feel, I  can  hear  and
Look    into   the   future!  I  can  see  that
Those  who   come to  visit try to hide their
Pity  and  revulsion  for a vegetative body!
But,  alas,  if  only  I  could  tell  him   that,
She   was  cheating  him  behind his back!

I  can  see  that  he is facing financial ruin!
His  decision  to  expand  his  business was
A  folly.  I  can   see  that  her daughter   is
Into  drugs!   But   alas, how  do I  tell them
These things? I  see through  intrigues and
Meaningful glances  that say, “when will he
Go?”  their  eyes  seem  to say! Alas have I
No control over even that,‘cept my thoughts!

And  so, the   body   on  the bed  lies still!
The  monitors that had recorded a spike in
The electrical pulses during the day return
To  normal. It  is another long day that lies
Ahead,  and  another  day on life support!
Poor  scientist!  He had met with  the fatal
Road   accident   that  left  him  paralyzed.
A brilliant  mind  imprisoned  in  a husk for
A body!  And   what  of  the   errant driver
Who knocked him down? Well he’s out on
Bail and  Marriage is on the cards for him!

Monday, 21 February 2011

The Street Child-A poem

She knocks on the windows of the cars
Stopped at the traffic signal,bunches of
Flowers in her hands. If only someone
Would buy some from her, she’d have
A  decent meal of bread and  broth !

She tries hard to attract some pity from
The stone faced people in the cars at
The Traffic Signal but all she gets are
Indifferent stares as if she didn’t exist!

She turns away from car after car,
Her eyes full of sadness and lack of
Sleep.But for a ten Rupee note, she
Would have a good day, a day of Joy!

She draws to my side, her eyes seem to
Say,”Sir, I’m cold and hungry, could you
Buy this bunch of flowers?” I hand her a
Ten Rupee note and tell her to keep the
Bunch of flowers to – think I what hard luck!

She draws away with a smile on her pinched
Weary face! Think I, what hard luck to be
Born on the streets. The streets are dangerous
For waifs like her, but then they are God’s own!

My heart melts when I see a child begging at
The traffic signals, for the streets are dangerous
For waifs like her. They flit around the rich cars,
Like moths around flames, their future a thick fog!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

On being a victim of Adulterated Fuel in Delhi


In January and February, newspapers were full of stories about the horrendous incident in which a senior Government Officer was allegedly burned to death because he had witnessed the pilfering of fuel by some people from a tanker in one of the towns in Maharashtra. The name  Sonawane became synonymous with the name of an honest Government Worker! The news headlines reminded me about the various kinds of scandals we are famous for, like the 2G scandal, the CWG scandal, and now we had the so called fuel pilferage/adulteration scandal. I thought that like the other scandals, this too would die away, and thought no further! Little did I know about what was to happen to me.

One fine day, in the first week of February, (the second of February) I left school as usual after 2:00 p.m. for home. I was riding my bike at a steady pace, when, near  T-junction on the road to Ashok Vihar, a place called Wazirpur Village, the engine of my bike sputtered to an embarrassing stop. Well I free-wheeled a bit switched the fuel tap to reserve, and then stopped the bike. I ran a mental check list of what could have gone wrong- spark plugs(there are two)-check, reserve fuel-check, tilt the bike to its side, use starter, and choke-done! All my activities were futile, the bike just wouldn’t start, it would start, sputter and then stop!

Sweating, fed up and angry, I went looking for a mechanic, and found one right next to a puncture-wala who had once sold me a substandard tube for the rear wheel. The fellow was busy and he told me to bring the bike to him! Couldn’t help it, I went back to the bike, and brought it to the mechanic. He started it, it spluttered and the engine note faded away. “Water” he said and went on to drain the carburettor. He showed me drops of water and said he would have to clean the fuel tank. “Well do it!” I said to him having no other option! The mechanic drained the petrol from the fuel tank, and what I saw shocked me beyond words! Out of the four litres of petrol drained from the tank, half a litre was water! The water had settled to the bottom of the pet bottle and the petrol was floating on top of it! Another mechanic arrived, looked at the dismantled tank and commented, “water in the tank, well this has been a common complaint during the month of January, especially after the hike in the prices of petrol!” I felt really angry that I had not only paid more for the adulterated petrol, but also had been stranded in Delhi and wasted so much time, and sweat!

It all connects.If fuel is adulterated in a faraway town in Maharashtra, then there is a chance that it would reach you in Delhi, and next be in your tank! It is infuriating to think that you have spent your hard earned Rupees on and already overpriced commodity which is also substandard. Adulterated fuel can also damage the engine of your costly car. Water has a corrosive effect, and it can eat away into the cylinder-lining. Kerosene in the petrol can lead to formation of excess carbon deposits in the cylinder head, and tappets. It is difficult to imagine the quantum of  loss caused to the National Exchequer by adulteration of fuel in India. What I know is that the water in the tank of my bike caused me a great problem. I wasted a lot of time, had to pay the mechanic for cleaning the tank, and most of all had to sweat unnecessarily!

I remember Sonawane and this is a tribute to all those honest Government Workers who are waging a dangerous battle against pilferage and adulteration of essential commodities in India! Pilferage exists everywhere, and at all levels. I could not blame the petrol pump which I frequent regularly because for all I know, the petrol was already adulterated with water when it reached the petrol vendor. That this was not an isolated event was borne by the mechanic’s remark that he had received many such cases in the month of January and February.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

The Green Fields of Haryana


I zip along the highway,

And see the green fields pass by.

The green fields of wheat and yellow of

Mustard greet my eyes. I wonder if,

The greenness of the fields could,

Refresh a tired mind!


The yellow of mustard remind me of

The bright colour of Autumn. The fresh air of

The fields assault my senses,

The bounty of mother nature teaches

That one should appreciate nature,

For she is bountiful and mature.


To be one with nature is my dream,

Haryana, you are the land of my dream!

The farmer on the tractor chugs through,

He is lost in green thoughts through and through!

I am lost in green thoughts of what my future will be.

Will I pass into a place where life fruitful  may be!

Friday, 18 February 2011

Are we tired of despots, tyrants and dictators?


The recent turmoil in Egypt and the growing unrest in North Africa including Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, and Tunisia are all indications that the common Man is becoming tired of despots, tyrants, and dictators! The twenty-first century has become an era where the common man’s voice is heard, and respected! The advent of the Information Technology Age has empowered the common man to make his voice heard.The Internet is the mouth-piece of the common man. Incidentally, the Egyptian leaders attempted to switch off the Internet, so that the outside world could be kept in the dark about the events in Egypt! The firewalls however couldn’t shut down internet traffic on cell phones, it was only cables that were shut down!

The discontent of the citizens of the countries close to Egypt Geographically was manifested in Bahrain, on the 17th. of February where the protestors were dealt with a harsh hand. The days of the Desert Lion, also seem to be numbered, and the people of Libya seem to be preparing for, “A day of rage”. People in India often wonder how events in Egypt,Tunisia and Libya could affect them. Globalisation has meant that today we are living in a Global Village, and what happens in a far away country has a ripple effect.Thus, if there is instability in West Asia, or North Africa then oil prices are bound to shoot up, and of course, the Sensex goes into a nose dive, the market becomes rather nervous and jittery!

In an already delicate global environment, it has become important to introduce reforms at a fast pace. Centralisation of powers should be done away with. The need of the day is to introduce de-centralisation, a system of appointing leaders, presidents, and prime ministers where the common man has a choice or a say! It is pertinent of the Honourable Prime Minister to say that that Egypt cannot be replicated in India, because India is a Democracy where Indians can change the Government if they choose! However being a democracy doesn’t mean that we should be complacent. Change is inevitable, it is a fact, a reality, and it is there to stay. We have to steer away from a dictatorial style of Leadership, and instead adopt a more democratic style of Governance.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Lone Rider-A poem

I crank the engine and wait for the steady throb.
Then I put her into gear and pull out on the
Tarmac, the hiss of wheels and the thrum of
The motor transport me to another world.

Out on the free way, I put her in top and,
Steadily follow the snaking tarmac, my bike,the
Road,  the wind, and I, the only ones in the
World! The tarmac beckons to a world beyond!

Oh, is it ecstasy to ride on two wheels with the world,
All to yourself! The symbol of Freedom, and
Enterprise, the vehicle of Discovery, and the favourite
Steed of Che Guevera on his journey of discovery.

I have a car, but any time give me a bike, and oh,
would I settle for a bike! To be one with the
Environment, to see, hear, smell the light caress of the
  Wind on my face, like a lover's  lips on my cheeks!

The scent of the exhaust, the throb of the motor,
The rush of thrill, the glide, and the sense of freedom
Are what draw me into being a lone rider. For to be one
With nature, and  display a streak of wildness become me!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Dhanpatmal Virmani Annual Day Function 2011


The Dhanpatmal Virmani Senior Secondary School celebrated its Annual Day on the twenty-ninth of January 2011. The Chief Guest on the occasion was Professor Satish Chander Parasher, an old boy of the school and the Principal of the College of Architecture at Cheheru, Phagwara, Punjab. Mr. Anil Virmani, the Chairman of the school was also present on the occasion. Also present on the occasion was Mr.V.K. Palta, ex-Vice Principal of the school.




A colourful and scintillating cultural programme was presented by the students of the school, these included: Ish Vandana,Folk dances, and Hip Hop dances and Jugalbandi which enthralled the Audience.








The prize distribution ceremony was an important part of the function. Prizes and certificates were given to meritorious students by the Chief Guest, Professor Parashar, Mr. Anil Virmani, the Chariman of the School, and Dr.Dharmbir Singh, the Principal of the school.




The function was anchored by Miss Archana who made the occasion lively with her comments and introductions. The Chief Guest spoke a few words to inspire the students, and Dr.Dharambir Singh read the Annual Report detailing the progress made by the school. Mr.Anil Virmani read the vote of thanks. The function ended with the singing of the National Anthem.






The Dhanpatmal Virmani Senior Secondary School is grateful to Professor Parashar for sparing some of his valuable time for his old school!