Sunday, 19 April 2009

Schools and Violence

The incidents of violence in the schools of the Capital are on the increases. It seems as if the moving pictures world of the movies, coupled with a rather decadent and tired school curriculum is to blame for all the violence in the schools of Delhi, and the surrounding areas. Another major reason is that students lack motivation for going to school. Often, it has been noted that students go to school for "Masti", or just because their parents want to get them out of their hair! In any case, the curriculum framers, the administration, and policy makers are to blame for the problem of violence which is steadily blowing out of proportions. In many cases, there is a requirement of guidance Councillors  but these are rarely provided.Poor infrastructure, stretched resources, tired teachers, who have to teach in a classroom containing 80 student...all are to blame! Can you imagine having to teach 80 students at a time? I don't think education can take place in such a crowded class room! Imagine the mental condition of a teacher handling 80 students! Imagine a parent can't handle two children, but a teacher is expected to handle 80 students, in a crowded, stuffy classroom!

Students love to enact dramas and plays which are full of violence.This is because of what they see in the society, and the media.It is unfortunate that our curriculum and syllabus do not address these issues.A defunct and hopelessly outdated curriculum are to blame.The projection of the violent but successful Hero in the Hindi Film becomes the role model for the student. The students in the photograph were clearly motivated by the movie, "Ghajni" , notice the boy with closely cropped hair!

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  1. true enough as our system had also contribute in this.Students just taking their studies as a load on their head.NO extra activities although competitions are organised in the schools but they are not enough.....
    According to me this is the problem which now seems to be unsolved until and unless our education system our teachers didn't understand what is education is ???
    involvement of teacher in students is necessary