Sunday, 27 September 2009

Is the three language formula at the Grade nine level a good Idea?

When I was given Ninth class last year, after teaching English to eleventh and twelfth for the past fifteen years, I came up with some amazing facts. First and foremost, I noticed that the students were not eager about English because of the three language formula. The upshot is that a student of ninth class has to opt for three languages in class ninth.The languages are, English, Sanskrit, and of course, Hindi. Out of these, the student is required to pass in any two languages. Thus, if a student passes in Hindi and Sanskrit, and fails in English, he will be considered Promoted. No wonder, this year when I was given tenth class, I noticed that there were quite a few students in class who had got, twenty out of hundred in English! No wonder these students were not performing well in class. It seems as if our educational system is intended to promote mediocrity in the interests of mass education! Simply promoting students despite of their poor performance in studies is bound to have serious repercussions at a later stage! It simply boils down to a game of passing the buck! If you pass all the students, then you have to provide them with jobs.

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  1. You caught the right nerve, this is the absolute situation, how are they going to accommodate the number of passed candidates in the overcrowded jobs. I think this is the policy followed..