Sunday, 10 January 2010

Confirmation Programme in Epiphany Church

A confirmation programme took place in the Epiphany Church, Gurgaon on the tenth of January, 2010. The Rt.Rev.Bishop Sunil K.Singh presided over the Confirmation Ceremony for a large number of young members of the Church. He was assisted by the Presbyter of the Church, Revd. Samuel Ashish Jacob, Deacon Sunny Rumal Shah, and Revd.Ben Hu. It was a most touching moment to see all those young members affirming their promises to the Church.It reminded us of my own confirmation many years back.I have given below some photographs to capture the moment.

Confirmation 043 Confirmation 052

Confirmation 051

Confirmation 053

Confirmation 054

Confirmation 056

Confirmation 060

Confirmation 063

Confirmation 064

Confirmation 072

Confirmation 081

Confirmation 087

Confirmation 098

Confirmation 099

Confirmation 100

Confirmation 101

Confirmation 121

Confirmation 134

Confirmation 148

Confirmation 143

Confirmation 145

Confirmation 146

Confirmation 147

Confirmation 152

Confirmation 154

Confirmation 170 Confirmation 165

God Bless all these young ones!

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