Saturday, 24 July 2010

Do we need Social Networking Sites?

Although I was computer savvy many years back, (having been trained under the Intel teach to the Future Programme) I started experimenting with Social networking sites quite late. The first networking site I joined was Face book. I was fascinated by Facebook because I was able to contact some of my old friends with whom I had no contact. Just a couple of months back, a pen friend of mine contacted me on Face book! I was surprised because we had stopped writing to each other long ago. She some how recognised my profile photograph on Facebook, and contacted me straight off! I was amazed, I was thrilled! I was re united with another of my friends on Facebook. We studied in school and were classmates. I migrated to India and he remained in Ethiopia! He was pleasantly surprised when out of the blue I contacted him on Facebook!

Today I am able to keep in contact with a large number of friends, relatives, and of course my students! I joined Orkut when I opened an e-mail account with Google. I joined a community of my school and then there was no turning back! I was swamped with friend request from my students. It became difficult to reply to all of them. Besides having a large number of students as friends on Orkut, there are also some colleagues, and some relatives who are my friends on Orkut! It goes without saying that social networking sites have increased my reach and improved my social networking in a way that was never possible earlier! Social networking sites also provide you with suggestions of possible communities which have similar tastes and interests as yours. On face book I have joined the Nikon Digital camera community, and I now plan to join the Philately and Numismatics communities as these are my Hobbies!

In today’s times of hectic schedules and a busy life-style, it has become a necessity to join a Social Networking site as it helps you to connect with your friends, relatives and other like-minded people! Thus it is clear that today Social Networking sites have become and important part of our lives! People applying for new jobs should have an account in these social networking sites, because employers are likely to check your profile on them. Employers are likely to judge you on the basis of what you do on the social networking site! Used judiciously, and sensibly,in fact, these sites may help further you career!

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