Sunday, 13 March 2011

The Birth of Tsunami - A poem


The  Earth  heaves  with  the  pangs  of labour, the  mantle,
Rises with a groan, a  shudder, and a tremor, for  it is time!
A wave of displaced  water rushes towards the  land of the
Rising Sun. For it’s the new born child of the Mother Earth!
The wave, two meters taller than her sisters, rushes towards
The land, the people unaware, move about doing their jobs.
She hits the coast, sweeps away fishing trawlers, cruise ships.
A brief silence and then breaks out the scream of banshees.
The huge  wave, growing in height gathers momentum as she
Slams   against the coast, metal on metal, flesh on   stone, the
Whimper of a frightened child, the  brief prayer of a  mother,all
Swept away by an angry flood of mad water all screaming glee!
The  morning  light  reveals a  once   thriving  town  in  tatters!
People   walk   around  trying  to  pick  up rags  and  their lives.
A ghost town remains of wandering souls and ghostly screams
Of  those  caught before their time by  an  angry  tide of water!

The  little boy asks the  sea, “why,  oh why,  did  you shatter my life?”
Answers the sea, “for  you’ve taken  more from me  than your share,
So have   you  to  pay  in full for what  your fathers  plundered! ”But,
This   is  a   cycle  which  returns  every  hundred  years  to  bear   a
Big   Tsunami . For  you  have   destruction   before   great   revival!
Like the Phoenix, will I make you greater and stronger and invincible!

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