Sunday, 12 May 2013

Celebration of Mother’s Day at The Church of The Epiphany-Gurgaon, Civil Lines-May the Twelfth, 2013


Mother’s Day was celebrated in a special way in the first service at the Church of The Epiphany today. Everything was different today from the decoration of the altar to the members of the entourage proceeding towards the altar. The Leader for this special service was Mrs. Mekhla Sinha.

The Old Testament reading was done by Mrs. Seema Mitra, Responsive Reading by Mrs.Jeyaashri, Epistle Reading by Mrs. Sharmila Nambiar. Pakriti and Ira Nambiar sang an emotional song dedicated to mothers. Mrs. Rita Luther delivered a wonderful message on the occasion. The intercessory prayer was read by Mrs. Ritu Kaushik. Music was provided by Mrs. Vanaja Gabriel and Mr. Ronojay Sircar.



The Choir sang a few hymns on the occasion


Incidentally, “The observance of Mother’s Day in the United States began with two women’s efforts for peace and reconciliation during this time of anguish (the death of more than half a million soldiers in 1865 by the end of the US Civil war). In 1870, Julia Ward Howe called for an International Mother’s Day on which women would unite in opposing war in all its forms. A few years later, Anna Reeves Jarvis began her annual Mother’s Friendship Day in an effort to reunite families and neighbours alienated by the war.” – Our Daily Bread, 2013 edition


Mrs. Mekhla Sinha, the Leader of the service reading an emotional piece




Mrs Rita Luther delivered the message on the occasion of Mother’s Day


Some of the Mothers felicitated on the occasion

The Benediction at the end of the service

The observation of Mother’s Day has great significance especially today when there is greater need to respect women, especially women as prospective mothers. It is important according to Mrs. Rita Luther to learn to understand what motherhood means. In the age of commodification, where almost every occasion is sold in some form or the other day, Mother’s Day however still retains its importance even today not for its commoditised aspect, but because we all honour the mother who gave birth to us and stood for us without any presuppositions.


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