Sunday, 2 March 2014

HUDA Flower Show Gurgaon 2014, a few Snaps

Today when I visited the HUDA Flower show at Leisure Valley, I came back with a veritable treasure-trove of photographs that I would like to share with you. For the snaps I preferred to use my Canon 1100-D camera with an 18-55 mm lens. Invariably, I had to mix manual focus with auto focus depending on the situation. No, I didn’t use a polarizing filter, and yes I did use a UV. filter instead.
These objects were called Hanging Baskets. They were plants that were somehow suspended from a frame and were shaped around a round frame!
There were different varieties of Dahlias, this one caught my eyes!
The sea of flowers stretched across the horizon…
The Bees too feasted on the Nectar!
And of course there was a Wasp! Wonder whether wasps enjoy nectar!
Yes, the exotic cacti were amazing to look at!
Depth of field and blurring of the background is intended to draw the attention of the viewer to the area in focus, which is incidentally the unopened flowers surrounded by fully bloomed flowers
The burst of colours, yellows contrasting with purples and blues somehow creating a cloying effect, a surfeit of hues that would intoxicate the viewer, a veritable feast served by the Spring Season!
A dusting of pollen grains on the bodies of the bees speaks of the process termed pollination.
Another highlight of the flower show was the cut flowers section.
There was something rather appealing about this entry!
The Bonsai Tree, whose roots are shown is seventy years old and costs Rs. 2.80/- Lakhs!

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