Friday, 20 June 2014

Dew Drops – A Collection of Poems By Rodrick Rajive Lal (A Preview)

This is my first published collection of poems,  written by me over a period of four years. It will shortly be available in both soft cover format and hard cover format. The book celebrates life in all its aspects, sweet, magical, bitter, and spiritual. Although it contains an assortment of various poems, I decided to name the collection ‘Dew Drops’ because of the symbolism represented by the very Dew Drops that can be found on the grass early in the morning.

Drawing inspiration from life, I have drawn richly from my memories of life till my mid teens in Ethiopia, and then my experiences in India. This collection of poems is therefore rich in imagery and symbolism from two different countries and their varied and rich cultures.
Here are a few excerpts from the collection of poems:

On seeking to drink from The Golden Chalice
And so sought I the Golden Chalice to assuage my thirst for
Knowledge and I flipped through the pages of Plato and Socrates,
But found I nought what I wanted! And then from Homer, did I seek the
Secret resting place of the Chalice that I might drink my fill.
A traveller of Life
Yes, I am a traveller of life,
And the journey is long; the twists and turns are many,
And the road never so plain.  The ups and downs are heady,
But they promise an eventful journey!
Saba, Queen of Axum
Was this the face that tugged the heart-strings of a great King?
Limpid pools for eyes like those of a Gazelle, lips so full, and hair
Bound in a Shiruba? A face so lovely might never be seen again,
For she was the pride of Axum, beloved of a great Emperor!
The lonely journey of a Ras
Astride  a  Horse, he  gazes at the distant horizon,
His  faithful sword  in a  scabbard  fastened to his
Waist, spear  held in his hand. His  round leather-
Satchel  filled with  the precious  bread, Ambasha,
Horn   topped   with   the   bitter-sweet  tej  to last!
The Above poem is a description that took place early in the life of Tefari Mekonen who was later to become, Haile Selassie, the Lion of Judah and the Emperor of Ethiopia.
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Last but not least, I would like to thank Partridge Publications, especially, Antoniet Saints and Joe Anderson, for convincing me to go ahead with the publication of my collection of poems! Antoniet's persistence, and Joe's professional patience all helped me fulfill my dream of publishing this book.My next project is to publish my collection of short stories, very soon! It is titled, The Andromeda Connection, A Journey in Time.

Happy Reading….
Rodrick Rajive lal

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