Monday, 29 September 2014

With Love from a Teacher to His Students- A Poem

I have loved you as my own children,
Oh to see that look in you eyes, a bit of
What I might have been as a child of
Your age! You might argue all you want,
But never mind, you are like my own!

Thus would I tolerate your pranks
And arguments, reminding myself
That I too, was like you, myself
As a child of your age -you might want
All my attention and of the whole class!

But its O.K. for to see the glint of excitement,
Once, would be a reward I’d scarce leave,
That moment of inspiration. to leave
Alone would deny the learner and learned
The thrill of discovery and its excitement!

And to share in the excitement of discovery,
Will I ignore your tantrums and noise, for
To share in that magical moment of inspiration
Would offset all that would offend one. For magic
True, would I look for in teaching all of you!

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