Wednesday, 31 December 2014

A New Year’s Song

As the year slips away, the crowd looks forward to the next 
A year t'was of lost opportunities, and  dates not granted,
A year of fog and mist gone by, the hope of better yet  to be.
But then it was also a year that gave so much, success, n gain!

And so they go for parties at the farm house, to drown their
Failures in clouds of smoke that reek of cannabis and hash,
But then why drown your slips in clouds of smoke if you would
Have a better year ahead, when the day dawns on a new year?

So does  the next day open on a field strewn with used condoms
And broken bottles of a drink did drive all those revellers to a high,
To tide them over the year that was. But then, none did deign to
   Think of a  year that gave them the wherewithal  to  tide over the next !

And so does the next year open on a day when none of the revellers
Do wake up fresh, to a dawn of fresh opportunities and task in hand,
Thus does the year gone by weep tears of rejection as the revellers who
Celebrated the year that was sleep off the hangover of the previous night!

Thus does the year that was slip away quietly, giving way to  a New Year
That supersedes it, a sad woman acknowledging the ascendance of one
Younger than her, with lovers that would dance the night so wild, till the
Drink  and girl that would humour them exhaust them by the night’s end!

All the while I, the silent spectator do watch the fickleness of those that
Dance the night away, little remembering the year that was, one that
Made them what they were, to tide them over the mistakes that they made,
As they drown the night in drink and  sex, forgetting the year that was!

And so, each year passes away at the end like a bride worn out and
Shabby for one that would be more beautiful by the year’s end, a sad
Story of a fickle minded one who would ride over the bride he’d taken
The previous year, all so infatuated with the one he’d find the next year!

Thus do we show our shallow natures to fall for one who would be
Lovelier than the one we knew, for we do love the one who wears the
Skimpy dress, one with figure so slim, that would seem better than the one
That grew fat oe’r the year, feeding on  false protests of love and care!

So we wish each other a Happy New Year as we tide over broken promises,
For a new love that is as artificial as the one  with discarded condoms
And smashed bottles that served a moment so short that it would shame
Lovers that would protest one night stands that would last centuries!

Thus as the music blasts the ear-drums, I wonder of the year that has
Just passed, was worthwhile passing off in a smoke of hash and cannabis,
And discarded condoms that would profess a love so frail, of empty promise, and
Love so dry, I’d rather stick to my love of the year that was and kiss her brow!

But then I am writing these words to impress upon you my friend that
Although the year has come to an end, please don’t forget it for the gifts
That it gave you, success in love and work it gave you, the year that was,
The year that passes you today, the lover that you ignored to death!

This is my last poem of the year 2014, hope you liked it!
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