Sunday, 12 July 2015

Sleeping Under The Star Studded Sky

I lay myself inside a sleeping bag out in the open,
Gazing at a star studded sky, a roof with all the lights on.
Above me, the Milky Way with her dusting of stars stretched on!
The Big Dipper brimming with a serving of magic potion
Of wonder and miracles ready to serve all and one.

I gathered my sleeping bag around me as I snuggled against 
The cold but peeped at the heavens above as they danced past.
The constellations above did march, e'en as the night wind did twist
And turn, the merry fire crackled and a flame streaked past,
Even as our guides added wood to make it last!

I woke up in the middle of the night and saw that all did sleep,
Snuggled close to each other lest the bad wolf did take a peep
At them. But then heard I also the snoring of those in deep sleep!
And even as the fire burned bright and loud, the twinkling lights did peep
At those that slept, a night bejewelled with a dusting of lights so deep!

And the night did speak in a whisper so soft, "Why wake when they
Do sleep?" And I answered in a voice not so sure even as they
Did snore, "To find the mystery of what drives a machine so well!"
A tremulous  voice then whispered, "Well pick up your bags and follow
Me to the heavens that blaze for you!" But I covered myself for I'd not follow!

I borrowed deeper  into my bag against the chill and voices
Only to wake an hour later, to see the firmament looking, down,whispers
Floating down, caressing, with smiles so deep that mocked my fear
Even as the stars did twinkle with smiles so broad that I did laugh at my
Friends who tossed and snored even as complex tune played in the sky!

The fire was lit anon by those who woke while others
Did sleep, partaking in a snoring match that shamed the stars.
That danced their divine steps across the dark canvass, a message
For those that would wake up and observe, but then perhaps,
They were tired and lost to a celestial tune playing above!  

And as sparks from the fire did ascend the night sky so to greet
The morn, they spoke of the wind that blows, and the stream that flows fleet
 Footed, tinkling like bells down the slopes, of  all things  wild, Strawberries 
  We had eaten on the way up sweet and rich, munching on the fresh pine needles
 To quench our thirst, sour a rich fare, all laid for us!

Thus, when sol did turn the dark into light, bathing the hills and trees
With warmth and love, my friends the stars had gone! And there before me was
 A golden Dawn, golden leaves,golden trees, golden sky for so enriched was 
I  that everything I touched turned golden - while my friends did sleep,
Tossing, turning, snoring and smiling at jokes that  through tents did peep!

Looking at the golden light bathing the ground, We wondered how lucky
We had been to be gifted with so much fortune, to be bathed by the Lord's
Golden light, His mercy smiled upon us from stars that danced in the firmament,
And all my friends did bask in the Glory of the Golden light, so what
If they slept, surely they too were the recipients of the golden gift, the Lord's own!

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