Friday, 9 October 2015

Photographs of some species of birds spotted at the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

Indian Roller Bird
The Indian Roller Bird might sometimes be confused for a Kingfisher bird, but a closer look at its beak will remove the doubt, because a Kingfisher beak is longer and more pronounced, bigger and red in colour.
Herons are a very common species of birds that you will get to see at the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary. This one was sitting over a pile of grass set on the ground for the specific purpose of helping these birds to lay their eggs.
Grey Kestrel
At first I thought that this Grey Kestrel was a dove, but then on closer scrutiny, I realised that it was a grey Kestrel!
Flying in Tandem, two different species of birds flying in formation. The bird at the bottom is an Egret while the one above it is a black-necked stork.

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