Tuesday, 24 November 2015

A Check List for Analyzing a Poem

Atmosphere :Identify the words, images, and descriptions create  a distinct atmosphere in the poem.
Tone :What kind of a tone has the poet adopted? Support your answer with a list of words  that are suggestive of his tone.
Mood :How does the reader feel after reading the poem?
Style of Writing: Generally poets adopt the descriptive style of writing, although at times they might also add up a narrative style to accommodate the theme. Quote entire sentences, or phrases that are either descriptive or narrative in nature.
Poetic Diction: Poets use specific words to describe their ideas. Quite often the choice of words becomes typical to  each writer. Words use in a poetical sense often mean different  from what they would when written in a prose  piece. Identify specific words and phrases that have been used in a special way.
Metre and Rhythm: Most poems have a distinct rhythm and beat to them determined by the number  and length of feet in a particular line. The Iambic  metre has one short or unstressed syllable by one  long or stressed syllable. Identify the  metre  used by the poet in the poem.
Important figures of speech: Metaphors, Similes, alliteration, synecdoche, repetition, alliteration. Identify figures of speech used by the poet and explain why they have been used by the poet.
Images that strike you : Generally a set of images can create an atmosphere. Identify or describe specific images used by the poet that strike you most. Explain why you think they are unique.
The Message :Is the poet trying to tell the reader something through this poem? Is it a personal advice?

The Central Theme : Is there an overarching idea that the poet has used in this poem? Can the reader  make connections between this central idea or theme with those in other poems by this poet and other poets?


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