Sunday, 14 February 2016

In Memorium of a Father in Law

A Tribute to a wonderful person

He was a man, most timid and yet so firm, he did educate his children
To the best of his abilities, and he ensured that they did not want for sure!
He gave them the best of everything, and went the extra length to provide
For all, his sisters and mother too!

All those who knew him speak of a gentleman most true, for me it was an
Honour to know a man most fair! For so he wanted to go to a better world,
Perhaps to join my father who left us a month ago! Many a jokes and anecdotes 
We had shared, my father in law, father and I!

But then the Lord did call them all, my father, father in law and uncle, all leaving
Us one after the other, perhaps they wanted to be together in a better place where
The Lord has reserved a place for them! And so I saw first one star blaze across 
The sky, and then another, and then another!

The stars now blaze across the sky, one after the other, all eager to reach their
Heavenly abode! Sure it was another age, another generation to which they
Belonged, an age of joy and happiness, friendship and all! 
Farewell  take care, God speed you on to your destination!

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