Sunday, 3 April 2016

One Has Been There! A Poem

One has Been There!

One has been there and returned all in one piece, 
Where the whispers do float down like flakes
Of snow, and one's vantage point helps one
See the others struggling to reach .

One has been there and returned to yell with
Delight, 't'is better to be free! like the starlings
Than to be bound in chains to receive stinging
Barbs and not react!' (One would rather not be a bag for punching.)

One had been where the corridors echo with whispers, 
And echoes of power like little gods' instructions,
 To spur lesser mortals  on to greater heights - even as
  They toil up the slope for the prize that they think awaits them!

One has been where the reigns of toiling horses are placed in 
Capricious hands, like a quartet dragging a carriage, in
A hurry, on a road that twists and turns at will! For to win
Would be a personal glory that One would rather not share!

One had been there when they gloated over spilt blood,
And nodding their heads like sages, went through a flood
Of evidences provided by sycophants and flatterers with a hood
Of secrecy as they sift through complaints n tears that stink of falsehood!

One has been there and returned all in one piece, 
Unbound and free, to spread my wings and explore anew-
Other corridors that whisper, but to be bound would not one
Suit, but to see those that toil up a dusty slope does hurt one so!

Far be it for me to hide behind a cloak of sagacious mess, t'is true
That the gods do play a game of carrion, simply to satiate a thirst of
Whim, and capriciousness, but to be a pawn would want one naught,
But to surf the streams that blow would please one most!

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