Sunday, 19 June 2016

The Church of the Epiphany Church, Gurgaon conducts its first Ordination Service in 150 years!

The second service at the Church of The Epiphany that took place on the  19th of June was an important service for the Church of The Epiphany, Civil Lines, Gurgaon, because for the first time in its hundred and fifty years of existence, it became the venue for the ordination of two deacons and one presbyter of the Church of North India, Diocese of Delhi. All the important office bearers of the Church of North India, were present on the occasion including the Rt.Revd.  Warris Masih, Bishop of the Diocese of Delhi, Revd. Mohit Hitter, Treasurer, and Revd. Kamal Mall treasurer of the Diocese. Also present were: the Rt. Revd. Collin Theodore, Revd. Dr. Paul Swaroop,  Revd. Timothy Shah,Revd. Suresh Kumar, Revd. Daman Rodgers, and Revd. Timothy Shah. The Ordination function was conducted for Deacon, Shachin Kumar so that he could be made a full-fledged Presbyter, Jacob James, and Abhay Benson to be Ordained Deacons. The Service was presided over by the Presbyter in charge, Revd. Sunil Ghazan. I have pasted below a few photographs taken on the occasion:

This is a snap of the Choir of the The Church of The Epiphany.

The three candiadates for whom the ordination took place.

The high and the mighty of the Diocese of Delhi.

After the Ordination

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