Sunday, 14 August 2016

Sikandra, Akbar's final resting place

A couple of hundred kilometers from Delhi, and just before the town of Agra is Sikandra, a monument that is, probably more important than perhaps the Taj Mahal or even the Red-Fort. Sikandra is not only important because of its historical significance as the final resting place of Akbar The Great, but also because once can see in its architecture and art forms, precursors of the architectural splendour of other Mughal monuments. The minarets or towers of Sikandra have been replicated in The Taj Mahal. The central Cuppola of the Tomb is replicated in later Mughal buildings.

The inscriptions, and the inlay work on sandstone is of the finest quality! The intricate details and use of geometrical patterns on the facade will put into awe even the most modern designers! Notice also how the designers paid attention to perspective and the fact that the figures and patterns look uniform irrespective of the height of the building.

The details in the wall paintings and frescos are so intricate that you would have to look at the whole piece by piece! I had to crop this picture because the details were overwhelming!

Intricately designed screens such as the one pictured above act as one-way screens adding to the privacy of people, especially women from prying eyes.

The actual tomb which is the resting place of Emperor Akbar has art work that is somewhat more subdued and sombre as befits the resting place of  an emperor who was also a highly religious person. People even today visit his tomb and pray for blessings and make wishes which they believe will be fulfilled. While stepping into the actual tomb, everyone has to duck under a low Lintel, thus automatically, obeisance to the departed soul, a once great Emperor!

Sikandra is also known for its lawns, gardens that is  home to pheasants and deer. An ideal resting place for a great man and a Saint for some, Sikandra is like an idyllic garden!

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