Saturday, 19 November 2016

Orbeez balls and Crazy Balls - Fun with Abstract Photography

Equipment needed: Tripod, DSLR Camera with a Macro lens. Bowl containing water absorbant round gell Orbeez balls, small rubber colourful ping-pong crazy balls. Use ambient light instead of a flash. You may use a long shutter speed, and in order to prevent camera shake, it is advisable to use a remote switch.

Photograph of Orbeez balls that have been taken out water and piled up in a glass bowl. This is a top view.

These Orbeez balls have been photographed while partially submerged in water. See how their colour is diffused by the water.

The above two shots provide  a slightly lateral view of the Orbeez balls that have been piled up in a glass bowl from which the water has been drained out.

This is a snap of a collection of Crazy balls. I played with the contrast and the lighting options post the photograph to produce this seemingly three dimensional effect. I love taking snaps using an aperture of 5.6 or near about because of the shallow depth of field offered.

This is a snap of the same crazy balls, I played with the contrast and shadow control on the laptop to create this effect.

This what the Crazy balls look without any editing.

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