Sunday, 18 December 2016

A Winter Carnival to Remember

Couldn't refuse a snap with two of my own students!

This year too, YUJAN, the winter carnival was all about getting together, food, games and cultural programmes. I was able to meet a lot of my old students who had passed out from the school in the previous years. I was able to watch Prachi perform on the stage as promised, and yes it was a time for bonding with my existing students too. Each time they passed me with pizza boxes in their hands, they offered me a bite, though I couldn't! But then enough of descriptions, why not take a glimpse of the carnival from the lens's point of view!

Hard at work at the stall, setting up the crane.

It is hard to debate in public rather than a formal setting - DEBSOC at it!

The DEBSOC stall

Neena Ma'am was so busy, she did not know I had taken a snap!

A candid moment

It was only last year was it? Meeting my old students.

I tried to draw his attention, but then he was busy grooming himself!

How fast children grow! It was only last year that I taught them in grade 8!

Anothother candid moment, a break from a hectic day!

I told them it would spoil the photograph, but then they did not listen!

I got to see the Golden Eagle in Gurgaon!
Caught them!

A pose for the camera!

The truck was driven by?  You guessed it, AI and IOT!

Wonder why he was laughing?

Some of the favourite movies

Famous authors? Anyone? Don't tell me people don't read anymore!


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