Monday, 2 January 2017

Shooting Nature at Dawn at a Wildlife Bird Sanctuary

A few days back when I visited the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary early in the day, I was a bit disappointed with the lighting conditions. The sun had yet to rise and the mist meant that I would not be able to focus on the eyes of the birds. Nevertheless, I did take a few hazy pictures more for the art than for the sharpness, a few of which I have shared below:

Dawn is a magical moment in the national park. It lends a rather surreal effect to the landscape and the birds take up the shapes of shape-changers as they seem to merge into the background!

The males of the Asian Antelopes don't seem to bother about the grooming and upbringing of their little ones. The doe takes care of her little ones while the stag roams around!

It is a very touching sight to see a family of Asian antelopes toghether. The mothers take a collective responsibility of their little ones. Incidentally, I saw a couple of dogs chasing the little ones across the lake.

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