Friday, 5 May 2017

Asian Honey Bee - Apis Cerana Indica

Apis Cerana Indica with Queen

The Asian Honey Bee is relatively less aggressive than the African killer bee. Apis Cerana Indica, is its scientific name. The Asian Honey Bee is quite comfortable living close to human beings. They make their hives in buildings and trees. One will often find these bees flitting over sweets in sweet shops in India. Apis Cerana Indica is easily domesticated. One can find manmade hives in farmland fields close to highways. One of the problems with this Bee is that it is amenable to feeding on sugar. Honey made out of sugar might not be as good as honey made out of nectar.

The worker bees can be seen building the cells, and some of them can be seen filling the cells with honey.

The Queen Bee, as you can see in the first photograph lacks the orange white and black stripes of the workers. It is a dull grey in colour and bigger than the workers. 

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