Saturday, 29 July 2017

Classic Cars - What makes them unique?

Of course, it goes without saying that people buy cars for many reasons. One of the basic reasons is that they take you from one point to another. Many cars are bought for transportation, but then quite a few are bought because they are rare, fashion statements and icons in their own right. No wonder, one of the reasons why one vehicle is costlier than the other is because of the amount of design, detailing and styling that takes place in its manufacturing process. Some vehicles are built around a specific philosophy or school of thought which is unique to the brand. Just to make my point clear, I have posted below photographs of some antique cars that have drawn my attention. I have focused on the grills and the hood ornaments only.

Over a period of time, cars became collectibles, fashion statements and at times family relics to be kept in the family. The ubiquitous bug would one day fade away into the sunset, but then those who had it will extoll its virtues, even if it used to overheat quite so often. 

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