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A few important Chapterwise questions for Invisible Man

Chapter 19:
1. What are the principles behind invisibility according to Griffin?
2. What is the significance of  Chesilstowe?
3. What difficulties did Griffin face during the course of his research? How did he tackle them?
Chapter 20:
1. Describe Griffin's experiment with the cloth and the cat.What difficulties did he face with the cat?
2. Why was Griffin forced to bring forward his experiment on himself? What made him burn down his lodgings?
Chapter 21:
1. How did Griffin feel while on Oxford street? Describe his experience.
2. Do you think invisibility had been an advantage for him after all he had gone through in Oxford Street?
3. Bring out the irony of Griffin's situation in the 21st chapter.
Chapter 22:
1. Describe Griffin's experience at the Omniums Emporium. Why did he get into the store, and why did he have to flee into the street the next day?
2. Describe the dreams that Griffin saw while asleep in the store. What is the symbolic importance of the two dreams that he sees?
3. How does Griffin behave the next morning when he is confronted by the staff of the Omniums store? What does this tell you about his character?
 Chapter 23:
1. What "common conventions of humanity" did Griffin break in Drury Lane? Was he justified in doing so?
2. How does Griffin suddenly feel about being invisible? Why did he think that an invisible man 'was a helpless absurdity'?
3. Describe Griffin's appearance after dressing up at the prop shop in Drury Lane. Describe the term 'Romance of the grotesque' with reference to the chapter.
4. Why could Griffin not eat in public, or at an upscale restaurant after becoming invisible?
Chapter 24:
1. What are Griffin's plans for unleashing a reign of terror? Why does he need Dr. Kemp's support?
2. Why did Griffin change his plan for leaving the country? What forced him to change his plans?
Chapter 25:
1. What advice did Dr. Kemp give to Colonel Adye for the apprehension of Griffin?
Chapter 26:
1. How had the tables been turned against Griffin? Why had he become the hunted instead of the hunter?
2. What state of mind might Griffin have been after fleeing from Dr. Kemp's house?
3. What proof do you have that Griffin might have come across Mr. Wicksteed?
4. Do you think Griffin was fully responsible for the murder of Mr. Wickstead? Make a case for or against Griffin.
Chapter 27:
1. Describe the Seige of  Dr. Kemp's house.
2.Narrate the events that led to the death of Colonel Adye. Do you think his death could have been avoided?
3.What does the policeman mean when he states, "Doctor Kemp's a hero"? Do you agree with the policeman or do you think Dr. Kemp was an opportunist?
4. Who was the braver of the two, Dr. Kemp or Colonel Adye?
Chapter 28:
1. Describe Heelas. What kind of a neighbour was he?
2. Why did Dr. Kemp head towards the Port Burdock Port Stowe Road? What did Dr. Kemp finally do to ensure that Griffin was captured?
    Describe the steps taken to apprehend Griffin.
3. Describe the last moments of Griffin.
The Epilogue:
1.Describe the transformation that has taken place in Mr. Marvel.
2.Do you think Mr. Marvel was a better custodian of the diaries than Dr. Kemp would have been if he had been given the chance?  

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