Thursday, 9 November 2017

A Confirmation Service at the St. James' Church

The fifth of November my family and I heading to the St. James' Church Kashmiri gate to attend our Niece's confirmation service. The Sunday Mass at the church at Kashmiri Gate Delhi was an amazing experience as there is something that is rather special about the church in itself. The church incidentally was built much before 1857 and it bore witness to the uprising also known as the first war of independence. It is also known as Skinner's church as it was built by Skinner a soldier in the British Imperial Army.

The above insignia belonged to Skinner's Horse Regiment. I was able to take a photograph of one of the members of the Horse Regiment, and impressive rendition, no doubt!

At the church, I was able to get a few more photographs that I wish to add to this blog post. They are posted below:

This is a photograph of the church as it was in 1857.

A much later photograph is of the Skinner's Horse Regiment.

But then, I guess enough of the History, I should move on to the children who were confirmed that day, the fifth of November, for it is an honour for them to share a slice of history by virtue of being confirmed in this church.

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