Monday, 25 December 2017

Exploring Lesser Known Places in Gurgaon

Gurgaon continues to be a place with many surprises. Take, for example, the Basai Wetland which is accessible from the Gurgaon-Jajhar highway and is barely fifteen minutes drive from New Railway Road. The Wetland is teeming with migratory birds some of which are rare! A good spot for birders and photography experts, the Basai Wetland is a veritable treasure trove of experiences and shocks! The bottom-most photograph is evocative of the Conundrum that is Gurgaon. Though a millennium city, Gurgaon continues to be a rather interesting mixture of Rural and Urban Culture! Don't be surprised if you see the road being shared by a costly Bentley and a Bullock cart at the same time! But then enough of bullock carts, and let us have a glimpse of some of the amazing birds that frequent the Basai Wetland!

I was caught unawares by the flock of Flamingos flying overhead. The only warning was the sound of thousands of wings beating in unison, and the sound was a muted whirring sound. It was a wonderful moment to see the huge flock of birds suddenly emerge out of the horizon, heading straight towards you. You stand there, stupefied and amazed till they are right overhead!

Don't be surprised if you come across a herd of buffalos vying for a share of the road. In the photo posted below, the two men are birders who had come with telephoto lenses, and the man at the rear is the herder driving the herd to graze.  

I guess there are a few things that a camera cannot and will not capture; they are best described in words. I would like to urge birders, naturalists and all those nature lovers to rush to the Basai Wetland and revel in the beauty of nature, all before developers drain out the water and build residential and office complexes on what was once a wetland!

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