Wednesday, 4 April 2018

A Year End Celebration

We had a wonderful year-end celebration just yesterday, what with titles and the sumptuous meal to cap it up.

Ok, the ball was meant to be thrown to the next person to share his or her highs, and trust me, Nilakshi Ma'am's aim was accurate enough!

Bannerjee sir threw the ball at me, and so there was no escape! I was least expecting it, but then I guess an armed forces man's eyes miss nothing!

Words of encouragement for the year gone by and words of advice for the year yet to be, go a long way in preparing one for the coming year.

Mentors and colleagues go a long way even while dining. Heavy lies the hand that holds a mocktail!

A fine excuse for getting photographed, and thanks to Srishti Ma'am for getting the focus and the framing right!

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