Saturday, 14 July 2018

Chameleon modelling for the Camera

OK, so when my nephew called out to me that there was a Chameleon outside and that I should get my camera, I least expected that the backdrop would be my cousin's beautifully printed tablecloth! There he was, the chameleon, posing on the settee with the colours of the flower perfectly matching the reptile's colour scheme. The greatest thing of all was that the Chameleon seemed to be at ease, an experienced model that knew his paces!

Perfect contortions and the fellow's ability to stare me in the lens simply amazed me. I later realised on poring through the photographs on the camera that this was a fellow I recognized from an early photo-shoot, that is when I helped him get out of the trash bucket in front of the verandah. He had a missing toe on his left forefoot!

The picture above is a snap of this fellow taken a month back after I had watered the money-plant vine and he was forced to break cover! Among the many snaps that I took of Mr Chameleon, the best were taken from eye-level, with me being almost at his level!

The second best were snaps of the chameleon while reposing on my Cousin Brother's Sofa. The chameleon blended so nicely with the floral colours and patterns, it was as if the flowers and the chameleon had been made for each other!

Photography enthusiasts should remember that some of the best shots can be taken from home. One never knows how lucky one might be in being able to photograph an exotic Chameleon. So then this blog-post is a tribute to Mr Chameleon, a role model for all those critters that want to be photographed in all their splendour!

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