Saturday, 27 June 2009

Stressed Students in Delhi

Today more than ever, our students are subject to stress more than ever. They are expected to overachieve by parents and the society in general. Every parent expects his child to be a Chartered Accountant, or an engineer, or a Medical Doctor. Often such expectations are unrealistic, and expose students to great stress, which is in the long run harmful to the student. After school, the student goes for tuitions. He has hardly any time for rest. The result is that the student is exhausted and hardly able to stay awake in the class in the school. Often, more importance is given to coaching classes than to classes in school. In the photograph above, the student is so exhausted that he is forced to take a nap in the classroom! What then should we do? Perhaps, we need to introduce vocational courses and perhaps delink merit in class twelfth as a criteria for getting admissions into various courses.

Today the cut-offs for getting admissions into various institutions are shooting skywards. Performance in entrance exams should not be made the sole criteria for getting admission into various courses.Popularising diploma courses, introducing attractive vocational courses should be another option. In any case, we need to delink marks achieved in the board classes as a sole criteria for admission. What is more important today is to identify talent in students, identify aptitude, and make education a joyful process rather than a task for students. We need to identify individual talent in students, and guide them about the careers they can follow in life. Marks are not the only criteria for success in life. Learn to appreciate the tremendous potential in each student. Each student is a power house of potential.

Unfortunately, the demands of a life which is subject to information surfeit, and multitasking, it is very difficult to fight stress! Societal pressure, peer pressure and the need to come up with magical results has meant that the students would be stretched beyond their limits.

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  1. Nice article Rajiv. Keep it up. Very relevant to the current scenarioa faced by many a child across strata and states in India.
    Amitav Virmani