Sunday, 28 June 2009

Plagued Aided Schools of Delhi

Delhi is home to a large number of Aided Schools. The concept of Aided Schools is that they are run by Managements, and Charitable trusts. The Management pools five percent of the salaries of the staff, while the Government pools in ninety five Percent. The Management or the trust becomes the appointing authority for the Aided School. Unfortunately this system doesn't seem to work very well for the Staff or the employees. Salaries are delayed as a matter of routine. Rarely does the staff get their Salaries on time! When the department is contacted about this problem, they pass the buck on to the Management or the school administration. Aided Schools are entangled in red -tapism, which involves preparation of Bills, and sanctions which have to be deposited in the department on a specific date. All this time the school is held to ransom by some petty clerk who is never at his seat, and he is a person with an inflated ego! I wish the powers be take a more compasssionate view regarding the problem of delayed salaries in Aided Schools. If nothing can be done, then perhaps the only solution would be to scrap the system of Aided Schools and either convert them into Government schools, or Public schools! Teachers in Aided Schools are more likely to stagnate than their brothers in government or public schools. The frustration of stagnation is further aggravated by the frustration of never getting salaries on time.
The only solution to these problems can be arrived at only if the Government gives 100% grant or aid to aided schools in Delhi. Also there should be a better system of checks and balance on the roles of the Principals in Aided Schools, because it has been seen that in many Aided Schools, the Principals are prejuduced and rather dictatorial in nature, handing over favours to their favourite staff members.
The problem of seniority has not been done away with in Aided Schools.There are cases where the senior most teacher is not made the principal. Favouritism on the part of the Management may help make a less eligible person a Principal. The Act branch is not very forthcoming about the criteria of seniority in Govt.Aided Schools of Delhi!
Another area where more needs to be done is to make appointments of staff members more transparent in Aided schools. It has been noticed that favouritism, and pecuniary considerations may result in the appointment of less deserving candidates in Aided schools. Political pressure, pressure from pwerful lobbies and many other harmful factors affect free and fair appointment of teachers, and other staff members in Aided Schools!

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