Thursday, 15 April 2010

Killing initiative in Talented teachers-A poem

It is so easy to Kill talent in a teacher!
All you need do is:
Make fun of him before others,
Especially before those Junior to him.

All you need do is:
Call him Professor, or “Sirjee” amongst
Your favourite sycophants!

All you need do is:
Give him a class much below his capability,
To demean him is your target!

All you need do is:
Tell him he can’t Maintain his Registers,
So make him a class teacher of a lower class!

All you need do is:
Break him by giving him petty work,
The best work is reserved for your favourites!

All you need do is:
Keep a pleasant visage before him,
But stab him behind his back!

All you need do is:
Character Assassination for you
Fear he is better than you will ever be!

Well you see, we don’t need
Talented teachers in our system
Of Education,
All we need are Pedants, Sycophants and yes-men!

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