Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Education and Survival

It is a well known fact that Man has three primary or basic needs, namely, food, clothes, and shelter.It is only after these basic needs are fulfilled that Man begins to entertain other needs! It is a well known fact that a large number of people living in India live well below the poverty line. Many of them don’t even know whether they will be able to get a square meal before going to sleep! We are so excited about the recent fanfare regarding the so called right to education that we turn a blind eye towards the ugly reality of poverty in India! I wonder, what it is that you would give to a  hungry Man, food or Education? The Right to Education is dependant on The Right to Live with Dignity and The Right to Employment . Our Policy Makers and Leaders should first focus on the core problem of Poverty followed by the problem of Unemployment and only after this should they talk about Right to Education!

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