Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Life is Beautiful!



Life is so beautiful,

with all those colours make your soul full,

Those beautiful people so full

Of life and zeal, and full

Of energy and hope ,full

Of charm. So What right do you have to be so remorseful?



Look at all those young men and women like you

Were once,their bright clothes, their happy smiles,

A testament to a life of Hope and a Bright Future,

What right have you to be so dismal?



What right have you to be so dismal?

Life gave you all the opportunities to

Flourish and blossom like the flowers. Look at those

Boys and girls so full of life,like you were once,

Looking forward to what life has to give,

Career, fame and recognition!



Don’t deny that life gave you many chances,

To flourish and blossom like a flower,

You had a full life ahead of you,

Your life is what you make,

So what right have you to be so dismal?

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