Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The Joy of Photography

A photograph is a tool for capturing a moment in time.It helps us in freezing an important moment for posterity. Agreed, but then there are those lighter moments in life which you often wish to capture, but unfortunately you might not have your Nikon D-SLR with you so you miss capturing that precious or funny moment! Not so, today we have mobile phones which have very good cameras with a sensible resolution, and it is here that the versatility of mobile phones endears them to you! I keep a Nokia 6303 classic mobile phone which has a decent 3.2-megapixel camera on it. since I carry it with me always, I often use it to take photographs on the spur of the moment, as events take place! Given below are some of the candid and surprise photographs taken by me:


Winters in Delhi can be quite severe, and so people love lighting a fire to get some heat from it! Some of my colleagues were enjoying the heat of the lit fire and I took their snap without their knowing it!


Functions in my school take place in the Library Hall and it is on these occasions that I find some interesting subjects to photograph. Notice that the subject has an interesting expression which would have been spoiled by the bright flash of a D-SLR!


Again, this photograph was taken on another occasion in school Library. The boy with the eyes wide open had in fact been dozing off, and somehow, opened his eyes just when I clicked him. Still, there is an interesting expression of surprise and bewilderment on his face which is worth capturing in a photograph!


Ah, caught you! Who says men can’t cook! Need I say more?


Somehow I find the attitude of animals very interesting. The dog was relaxing on the railway platform at Kandaghat, Shimla. Perhaps he is meditating?

The puppy in both the photographs slept through morning assembly with a total lack of interest!


That day the sweeper had forgotten to sweep and dust the library, and this is what a student traced on the dust on the screen of the T.V.


Here are two sheepish-looking children. They were not in the classroom, so I went looking for them, and there they were! Drinking water is a common excuse with all students!


Manali’s scenic beauty draws you to it year after year! You’ve got snow, mountains, fresh air,…need I say more?


Just today while going up the hill towards the Hindu Rao Hospital, I came across this strange looking vehicle. somehow, call it intuition, I sped uphill, took out my mobile phone, and,..well there it is! It seems to be an electric Rickshaw!

So, it seems some of the best photographs may not have been taken with an expensive camera. The trick for good photography is to be prepared for the unexpected, be spontaneous, and have an eye for the unusual! Look for angles, and yes most important of all, your photographs should be able to tell a story!

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