Wednesday, 18 August 2010



Freedom, you are an elusive bird,

You tell me that freedom means,

The right to express myself!

The right to sing loudly,

To move wherever I wish freely,

Without fear!



Freedom, you don’t mean licence,

But to respect others, to choose,

What will be best for me,

That I should be what I be,

Dear Pa, I want to be a Rock-Star!



Freedom, you mean freedom from

Fear, that I might stand before

You without trembling! to be

What I want to be, a flame

To ignite young minds to be

What they will be, a bright star in the sky!



Freedom, you free me from

The shackles of slavery, from

Tradition, custom and ritual,and superstition,

That I might be different from you!

I will be what I want to be!


Freedom, you guide me to the stars,

Of thought and new ideas and dreams,

That I might strive to be what

I wish to be! You tell me best,

That I might be what I can be,

An engineer, or a teacher to lead others!



Freedom you free me from fear,

To speak my mind, and sing my heart’s elation

And go where I like! You give me joy to live,

Not as a slave to custom and tradition, but

A maker of mine own rules , customs and destiny!

I will be a drummer or a singer!



Freedom you are surely an elusive fairy,

To guide me through immense possibilities, to

Invent what I want, to travel back in time,

To view the future, of what the world might be!

You have taught me that I am the maker

Of mine own destiny, and fate.

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